Boosting the Immune System to Fight Allergens


I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but we seem to have a lot of insects flying about this year. Black flies, Deer Flies, Mosquitoes, & tiny flies called Ceratopogonidae, that we call, “no-see-ums”. If that wasn’t enough bugging, we are also dealing with tree damaging Gypsy Moth caterpillars which can also leave a dog gone itchy mark.

Instead of inhaling allergens, we dogs usually pick them up through our skin & from  insect bites, so we scratch, chew, roll & rub, making us prone to secondary ear & eye infections. All of which  I too suffered with every Spring until this  one. I haven’t had a hot spot or rash at all. I’m not scratching like a mad dog, nor biting myself raw.

We know that a strong immune system is impawtant for a dog’s health. So this lead us to the question, ‘Is my immune system stronger than it has been in the past?’ Which then lead us to the ask, ‘What’s different this year?’

This previous year I included a CBD oil (with 3rd party analysis). Off topic but grateful for 107 seizure free days.  We know CBD is beneficial to the immune system, improves hemostasis & works as an anti inflammatory.

I also started to included Omega Alpha’s Pet Vitality & EZ Mobility in my dinner meal. It was time to dog up to the fact I am a senior & need a senior’s formula to address my senior dog needs. Pet Vitality is my supplement for those needs. You can click on the link to read all about it.  The other supplement newly added is Omega Alpha’s EZ Mobility.  It was added as a seizure preventative due to it’s anti inflammatory properties, but it also supports healthy joints & flexibility. I need that for pawtrolling for chippies & Squirrels.

My daily Organic Raw Local Honey, blueberries & coconut yogurt also help to boost my immune system. As does taking a probiotic; my choice is Omega Alpha’s Probiotic 8 Plus.  I have included this in my meals for years.

We are increasingly learning that the ‘Gut is Everything’. So we feel a probiotic is wooftastically impawtant. Probiotic 8 Plus is a source of essential B vitamins, contains essential trace minerals & enzymes which aid digestion while enhancing absorption of nutrients.

We four leggers will react pretty much the same way as you humans when we get bit & allergies flare. Swelling & itchiness are common & if necessary an antihistamine can help relieve symptoms. I have a blog post about it that you can sniff out.

Today I’m inside mostly so bugs aren’t bugging me. It’s 32C here & that’s a bit too much for this good dog.

CEO Olivia

CBD Micro Dosing Explained


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’m barking about the approach my huMom & I are taking in regards to managing my canine idiopathic epilepsy with CBD oil. Specifically, how did we dogtermine my dosage (please note, I’m still taking all my regular meds).

HuMom & I have dug deep on this matter & learned about a method called micro dosing. Micro dosing means taking very small amounts of a drug in order to test or benefit from its physiological action while minimizing unpleasant side effects. With cannabis these side effects appear as balance issues, fine-motor control impairment, tiredness, anxiety & dry mouth.

Finding that correct dose of CBD is wagnificently impawtant in having a pawsitive therapeutic effect. It’s not like other medications, there is no pawscribed quantity or frequency based on a dog’s weight & age.  This is because every dog responds differently based on it’s own unique physiology.

Cannabis dosing is best approached with a less is more manner.  Using too much will often decrease its effectiveness & increase those unwanted side effects.  Human patients using medical cannabis repawted that by using less cannabis they achieved maximum therapeutic benefits, had more energy, felt more clear-headed & had minimal to no unwanted effects.  Many repawted they did not feel any effects at all during first 1 – 3 micro doses.  But then they began to respond well.  This is what is known as the ‘sensitization’ effect.  At the right dosage cannabis can trigger production of more cannabinoid receptors, increase the sensitivity of existing receptors & increase the production of the body’s own endocannabinoids. High doses of cannabis have been shown to have the opposite effect, actually decreasing the number of available cannabinoid receptors.

Micro dosing improves the tone of the endocannabinoid system, which is a vital component in our ability to adapt to stress & restore balance at a cellular level.

As for me, when I first began my journey I used half of what the company pawscribed but found the side effect a little too much. So, huMom dialed it back even more & found two drops on each ear flap every 24 hours seemed to be pawfect for 149 days. Then a big weather front moved in bringing the monster with it & I had several seizures over a number of days. But huMom feels, if she had caught the warning signs, maybe we could have shut the monster down before it even attacked.

We tried adjusting the dosage to two drops on each ear flap every 12 hours but again that seemed too much. So we again changed the dose, this time to one drop on each ear flap at noon & 2 drops on each ear flap at midnight.  I have adjusted well to this increase & paws crossed, huMom & I believe that we are moving in the right direction, slowly.

I will keep everyone updated as this CBD journey continues.

CEO Olivia

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Olivia’s first 30 days on CBD Oil


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today is my 30th day of taking CBD oil so I thought my huMom & I should share what we’ve observed so far.

The product I’m taking is a full spectrum hemp oil. It’s called, ‘Heal’ & is made by CBD Dog Health (huMom says: Yes, we sell this product through our online store because we use it for Olivia. But no, we are not paid to endorse it).

The first thing my huMom noticed was my focal seizures are fewer & less intense. In my case they manifest as eye fluttering & head shakes. She reports my head shakes are almost gone. Usually I could have several in a day.

My focus & cognitive abilities have greatly improved. For example, I now bark to come inside, which is new behavior. I’ve barked for many reasons but I never seemed to figure out that barking also works to get a door opened. In the past I’d just stand at the door & wait.

Play time has become more fun too. Normally when huMom throws a toy for me I don’t understand & just stare at her now empty hand. In the past few weeks I’ve figured the game out & now I go after the toy.

Yesterday I was allowed to sit with the humans outside of the fenced yard, off leash & I was super well behaved. I sat on a chair & had a nice nap. Normally I would have to be on leash as I like to wonder off after stinks & don’t focus on huMom’s voice like I should.

I’m sleeping well. My allergies seem to be triggered less. My appetite is same as always.

It’s too soon to tell if the CBD oil is helping me fight the epilepsy monster, however I did fight it off a couple of days ago. Considering we just went through the full moon cycle & the weather has been stormy the last few days, the fact that I had no seizures is pawsitive news.

One thing of note is that my cluster buster, Keppra, seemed to have it’s effects enhanced. I understand CBD can do this when interacting with AED’s (anti epileptic medications). I sometimes have slight ataxia when I take Keppra, but it was more pronounced this time & I had wobbly legs for a while.

My fur sister Suzie Q is also taking the Heal CBD oil for her geriatric aches & pains. Within just a few days she regained a lot of mobility, has much more stamina & her appetite has greatly improved. Her coat is shiny & thick as ever.

As of today, neither huMom nor I have observed any negative effects but clearly there are many positive ones. Both for me & Suzie Q.

In another 30 days huMom will have my blood work done to see what if any effects can be seen under lab analysis. I’ll bark the results when we have them. Our hope is in time we will be able to reduce the dosage of the more harsh medications I need to take & maybe even eliminate one or more of them down the road.

CEO Olivia