Olivia’s CBD Journey Pupdate


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting another pupdate on my CBD journey. My first dose was July 11th & I’m happy to bark that I am 69 days seizure free!

In that time we’ve experienced heatwaves, intense humidity, extreme temperature changes, thunderstorms, & the full moon.  All of which are known triggers for me, but I’m happy to say, no grand mals.

Some of the many pawsitive changes may seem little to some but for this dog, they are wooftastic quality of life improvements. For example, today a delivery guy came by & he received my full throated bark of, ‘Don’t you even think about it dude!” but when huMom came out I settled down & looked to her for what to do & then went inside when asked. In short, I have been less reactive.

Yesterday on our walk a neighbor’s dog came huffing & puffing down the driveway,  acting all dog gone crazy, rushing at us as we walked by her house. In the past I would have been Miss “come at me B” & so out huffed & puffed her, but not this time, I remained calm & let the humans take care of it.

As I mentioned in my last pupdate, I have been hanging out past the fenced in area off lead.  I’m a good girl who now pays attention, comes when called & for the most part understands the boundaries.

My appetite is great, with little digestive issues if any. (huMom is making me include this next part but I do pawtest). I don’t burp.  I’m a lady, I hiccup.  Anyway, huMom noted in my journal that I burp/hiccup less & when I have it is less, um, noticeable.

My overall focus has greatly improved & I am calmer & more attuned to my surroundings which means less bumbling into things on our forest walks.

We are feeling pawsitive in moving forward & I have already ordered my 2nd bottle of full spectrum CBD Oil. huMom did extensive research into finding a reputable, effective product. So far we haven’t observed any negative effects from the CBD Oil. We are taking it slow giving the CBD time to repair my endocannabinoid system.  At the moment there seems to be no reason to increase the small amount I’m taking.

We haven’t had the opportunity to have my blood work done, but huMom is eager to see what if anything has changed with the hope of eventually being able to reduce the dosage of one or more of my harsher meds.

CEO Olivia.

What is Cannabis?


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Let’s begin our exploration of CBD, Cannabinoids & endocanabinoids at the beginning, out in the fields. What is Cannabis anyway?

Cannabis has been cultivated by humans for many thousands of years. There is evidence of it being grown in what is today the Czech Republic, dating back to 26,900 BCE. It can be used for making rope, clothing, paper, bricks & also dog toys. BOL! You can even use cannabis in 3D printing.

There are two main varieties of cannabis. One is called marijuana & the other is called hemp. Both contain chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. There are 113 cannabinoids in all. But the difference between the plants comes down to how much one specific cannabinoid is present. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is present in both plants, however, Marijuana will have  a THC concentration higher than 0.3%. If the plant has 0.3% or less of THC it is then classified as hemp. Both plants contain another cannabinoid called cannabidiol or CBD.

All mammals as well as several other animals (like fish) have what is called an endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters that are located throughout the central nervous system, including the brain. Research has shown these neurotransmitters help regulate appetite, pain, memory, mood/stress & sleep. It’s these endocannabinoid neurotransmitters that the cannabinoids found in cannabis bind to. I’ll dig deeper into this in a future post.

But first, next week I’ll sniff out the methods used to extract & process the cannabinoids from cannabis.

CEO Olivia

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