Understanding a CBD Certificate of Analysis


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here continuing my deep dig into CBD, cannabinoids & endocannabinoids. Today I’m barking about understanding the impawtance of third party analysis certificate (COA) that any trustworthy CBD company should have public access to. If you see a company not providing COA’s, you’d best keep on walking.

When you see a COA, you’re going to see a lot of information, for example:

    • Cannabinoids: These are the naturally occurring compounds found primarily in the flowers & leaves of the hemp plant. CBD & THC are measured as well as several other cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN & CBC. COA will tell you exactly how much.
    • Microbial: This test ensures that the product doesn’t have microbiological contamination such as bacteria (E. Coli or Salmonella), yeast or molds.
    • Residual Solvents & Heavy Metals:  Many hemp-derived CBD products don’t pass tests for things like Lead, methyl mercury or arsenic because of the soil they were grown in. Cannabis should be grown on farms that have passed extensive soil & water testing.
    • Pesticides: Anything you spray on a cannabis plant will show up in tests. Hopefully, that means no pesticides will be found in the product COA. You want purity.

Not every lab use the same units of measurement. Some labs test for mg per mL, some test for parts per million, while yet other tests are based on percentages. Before you can understand the lab results, it is important to know which method of measurement the lab used, the amount of the product provided for the testing & the actual sample size.

Here is an example of what a Certificate of Analysis looks like.

Next week I’ll be finishing off this deep dig by sniffing out how to interpret the label on a CBD oil or tincture bottle & compare what the label claims are to the COA results. I know this has been a confusing journey at times but I hope when we’re done you’ll be able to confidently make the best choice when buying a CBD oil, tincture or extract for your good dog.

CEO Olivia

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