Our CEO Olivia’s Tale

20140716_163102bAt 6 months of age I was surrendered to the local animal shelter where I waited 3 months for my huMom to find me. February 19, 2011 the door to the kennel opened & there she was. None of the many visitors heard my bark. None, except my huMom. As I leaped higher & higher barking out loud she walked forward, read my chart & calmly said, “Molly, (that was my name then) sit.” I sat. She told me I was a good girl & walked away. My heart broke.

Next thing I knew, there she was again with a shelter person. I was lead out the door & down the street a few feet where I met Mickey Moo Man for the first time. My new fur-brother nose nudged me, & we went for a walk before driving to my forever home.

On May 25th 2011 I had my first seizure at home; it came in the middle of the night. Sadly, I terrified my huMom who helplessly watched me have a Grand Mal Seizure & then run blindly stumbling into everything for what seemed like forever. Strange, how time slows down.

I was at the vets first thing the next morning & after several tests I was diagnosed with Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy.

Under the guidance of my good vet, I began taking Potassium Bromide every twelve hours & Clonazepam  as a “cluster buster”, which is intended to prevent me from clustering when I have a grand mal seizure. Due to an increased frequency of seizures in April 2012, the inclusion of a secondary drug, administered daily, Phenobarbital, was introduced. Today I take three medications, twice a day. Phenobarbital, Zonisamide & Potassium Bromide. My cluster buster is now Keppra.

Yes, it’s true. Focal seizures are something I live with almost daily & I experience Grand Mal seizures on an average of every 20 to 30 days; sometimes in clusters. Abrupt changes in the weather & the full moon can act as triggers. In spite of living with Epilepsy I’m a happy, healthy & much loved good dog who is grateful for her family, furiends & for each seizure free day.

Come visit me on Facebook, I have my own page called, Oh, the Life of Olivia.


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