Human-Like Dogs Or Dog Like-Humans

Canine Culture

German Artist Anja Wulfing & huMom both love old photographs.  I heard huMom once say that when she finds old photos in used books or thrown away she feels a certain need to help keep the memory of those subjects alive by upcycling them into a new form of artistic creation.

Artist Anja Wulfing felt the same way & found herself painting larger than life animals in the background of the human subjects that looked realistic. Soon she started to mix human-animal hybrids.  They too felt familiar & natural. From there she moved on to painting animal heads on top of the people in the photos.  Some feel her dog-headed humans are her most endearing pieces.

Anja Wulfing states, “These creatures have become gentle creatures of some different but potential reality.  A bit of fantasy, mythical creatures, humor, facts & fiction. If our existence is a result of successive coincidences, what if a very early ancestor had turned ‘right instead of left’?  Who knows how we would have been looking like today?”

Wagnificent question!

Above are a few of the many pieces she has created but you pawsitively must go to  Anja Wilfing site to see more.

Bark out which one barks to you; we love to hear from you.

Have a pawsome weekend.


My Liver Supplement


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. I want to continue my discussion on the supplements I take to help me cope with my AED’s (anti epilepsy drugs) & to keep me in top health. In today’s environment, all good dogs & cool cats can use a little help, not just us epi-warriors.

Today I’m barking about my Liver supplement. My medications can be harsh on my organs, especially my liver. Three times a year, my huMom gives me Liver Tone which is made by Omega Alpha. For healthy dogs & cats, Omega Alpha recommends a twice a year cleanse as sufficient but we do it three times due to my medications.

Urban dogs & cats are exposed to toxins every day. Car fumes, second hand smoke, food contaminants, pesticides & flea, tick & heartworm preparations & common drugs such as anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) just to name a few. They breath in toxins, they absorb them through the skin & ingest them. Eventually the liver has to deal with all these toxins, so a regular cleansing boost is key to a healthy good dog or cool cat.

Our liver is the primary organ for detoxification. In my case, it get’s stressed out by my medications. For example, one of my medications, Potassium Bromide can be described as a salty brine & I take a dose twice a day. Liver Tone is a natural herbal liquid based on both Chinese & western medicine. It provides antioxidants to the liver while it gently cleanses & provides a boost to it’s functions. It helps prevent fatty liver disease & boosts bile excretion.

Every good dog & cool cat will benefit from taking Liver Tone.

CEO Olivia

Note : We have been using Omega Alpha products for several years now & sell their products in our store but we are not being paid to endorse them.  We simply believe in their effectiveness.  My blood work & lab reports support this.