Artist Glory Zaitse

Canine Culture

Welcome to Friday everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I have sniffed out an artist who’s medium is staples. That’s right, staples. Just when I thought you humans couldn’t possibly be more imaginative, I sniff out artist Glory Zaitse of Russia. Despite extensive sniffing about on the inter-webs, I could not find any real information about this artist. So I guess the art will speak for itself. Enjoy.

Have a wooftastic weekend everyone.

CEO Olivia

Our Beta Testers


Hi everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Last week I was barking about needing Beta testers for our new hemp finger toothbrush. I’m pleased to say we have 7 Beta testers selected.

They are:

Jan Nowicki

Jodi Barnes

Dorrie Rock

Deanne Rogers Tanksley

Melanie Mamakos

Richard Kemp

Monika McDonald

If you haven’t already, I will need each of you to PM me your snail mail address so we can get our samples out to you. Included will be a short questionnaire which you will need to fill out & send back to us.

I wish to bark out gratitude to all those who applied. Let’s see if we have a winner, or are we back to the drawing board?

CEO Olivia