CBD Oils & Tinctures, What’s In the Bottle?



Hello everyone CEO Olivia here continuing our deep dig into CBD, cannabinoids & endocannabinoids. Today I’m barking about knowing what’s in the bottle.

The CBD industry has exploded in the last few years & governments are still catching up. In many places, CBD oils & tinctures are still not regulated which means no one in authority is checking to see if what’s being claimed on the label is actually what’s inside the bottle. Unethical CBD manufacturers inflate or lie about the CBD content in their products. Worse they may be selling products that may be contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides, or who knows what.

Before purchasing, there’s something you need to do called, “due diligence”. It’s a fancy way of saying do some digging & sniffing (research) before buying. First, make sure the company has a good reputation. Ask your circle of friends what they use for their good dogs. Google some reviews of a product your considering as well.

Another important step is to check for something called, third party testing. Simply put, the CBD manufacturer hires an independent company to test & verify the quality & potency of a CBD oil or tincture.  This isn’t mandatory, but it’s a big step in a company being transparent with it’s customers.

Third party tests can determine the concentration of any cannabinoids, including CBD & THC. This is used to confirm that the amount of CBD or THC listed on the bottle label is accurate.

Third party labs also routinely test for the presence of heavy metals such as lead or mercury. Biological contaminants such as molds, fungi, parasites, or bacteria are also looked for. This ensures a clean, pure oil or tincture.

If you are looking at a CBD oil with no mention of third party lab tests, you need to ask yourself what they’re hiding. Until governments set out standards, the CBD industry has to self regulate, so third party testing key.

Next week I’ll be barking about what should be included in those analyses & how read them.  As I’ve said above, without government regulations, there’s no standard yet as to how things are measured which can cause consumer confusion.

CEO Olivia

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