Spring means allergies


Just like a human, we good dogs can experience allergy flare-ups. We too are familiar with the redness, itching & discomfort that comes with an allergic reaction.  To ease the discomfort of allergy symptoms, many veterinarians recommend & in some cases, even prescribe human over-the-counter antihistamines as a safe, effective treatment.

However, not all over the counter people antihistamines are safe for good dogs.  Many products also add decongestants which can produce serious, even deadly side effects including increased heart rate, respiratory problems to hyper-excitability with muscle tremors, seizures, & hyperactivity. Vomiting, dilated pupils, increased body temperature, disorientation, heart rhythm abnormalities, even retinal detachment & blindness in some cases.  If your good dog ingests any medication containing a decongestant, immediately seek out an emergency veterinarian.

There is another precaution to using over the counter people antihistamines that is pawsitively serious.  NEVER EVER use Benadryl allergy liquid gelcaps!

Some Benadryl allergy liquid gelcaps contain xylitol which is a common artificial sweetener that is poison to us good dogs. Xylitol is found in everything from toothpaste to peanut butter to sugar-free gum. The FDA new warns that, while it’s just fine for people, this sweetener has proven fatal for dogs.  Always consult your veterinarian before giving your good dog  any medication.

If you want to relieve allergy symptoms, the following brands are safe to use but again, consult your vet first.

  • Benadryl  (Note: The children’s Benadryl liquid mixture is free from both alcohol & xylitol. Benadryl tablets are also safe for us good dogs but always consult your veterinarian first.)
  • Tavist
  • Claritin
  • Chlortrimeton.

Specific brands to avoid are:

  • Contac
  • Actifed
  • Sudafed
  • Tavist-D
  • Claritin-D

Any antihistamine with “D” added to the name, means that a decongestant has been added & will harm your good dog.

antihistamine_chart PDF

Be safe, but also be comfortable this season.

Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜

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