CBD Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum & Isolates


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today we’re continuing our deep dig into CBD, canabinoids & endocanabinoids. CBD oils & tinctures are made from both hemp & marijuana. The difference being oils made from hemp will have virtually no THC present, while oils made from Marijuana will.

CBD oils & tinctures are classified as full spectrum, broad spectrum or an isolate, depending on the purpose of the final product.

Full-spectrum means it contains all phytochemicals naturally found in the plant, including CBD, THC, trace cannabinoids, terpenes, & essential oils. Full-spectrum extracts from hemp have a negligible THC content —  below 0.3%, while extracts from marijuana will have different levels of THC depending on their purpose.

The full spectrum of the active compounds extracted from hemp work together to amplify the health benefits of each individual cannabinoid. This phenomenon is referred to as the entourage effect which I’ll explain below.

Broad-spectrum extracts also contain multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, & essential oils, they also produce the “entourage effect,” however all the THC has been removed.

CBD isolate is made by removing everything but the cannabidiol (CBD). The advantage of using CBD isolate is the high concentration of CBD per serving. Isolates are usually 99% pure, meaning that one gram of isolate powder carries about 990 mg of CBD. With isolates, there’s no entourage effect.

What’s this “entourage effect”? It refers to the synergy achieved by all the components in cannabis interacting together to enhance the potential benefits of the plant.

Now that we’ve sorted that out, next week I’ll sniff out how to decide which product is right for your good dog.

CEO Olivia

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