Artist Federico Uribe

Canine Culture

Hello  everyone, today I’ve sniffed out something pawsome. Artist Federico Uribe was born in Bogota, Columbia but works & lives in Miami. He takes everyday objects like pencil crayons & weaves them into wooftastic sculptures. Today I’ve selected pieces from a collection he has titled, “animal Farm”.

Enjoy the day.

CEO Olivia ❤

The huMan Behind The Wally Foundation-canine Epilepsy


Five years ago huMom took on the role of Director of Communication for The Wally Foundation – canine epilepsy but our story starts a year before that. As Knotty Toys for Good Dogs developed as a brand & company we deligently searched for the right charitable organization to promote & share a portion of our profits with.  Given that epilepsy was a issue close to our heart, we wanted to connect with that community.

It was a year into our search when The Wally Foundation – canine epilepsy posted they were seeking someone to assist in their online promotion & presence. When Rick selected huMom for the pawsition we were dog gone excited. It was a pawfect fit.

Rick Selwood is the founder & Executive Director of The Wally Foundation – canine epilepsy. Although you rarely see him he is responsible for running the behind the online scene components of this wagnificent organization. That means he processes all our applications, speaks directly with many of our applicants & donors, receives & distributes all donations, liaisons between volunteers & donors, as well as handling all our administration responsibilities. Plus so much more. Rick does this while working a full time job, raising a family of both 2 legger’s & 4 legger’s, being a pawsome husband & furbulous friend to many.

We wanted to take this opportunity to bark out, ‘Thank you Rick’ 💜nose nudges💜for all that you & The Wally Foundation – canine epilepsy do for us Epi Warriors.

I’ve barked out previously about the Wally Foundation, here & also here.

CEO Olivia

💜nose nudges💜