Artist Peter Clark

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today’s artist makes collages. Peter Clark uses found papers as his palette. His artwork is created from maps, labels & discarded tickets, gift wrapping, or musical scores. Peter Clark  turns ordinary printed matter into pawsome works of art.

We’ll be working on our new softie Knotty Toys for Good Dogs, this weekend. But you go out & have some fun.

Do you have your pumpkin for Halloween yet? Is it purple? 😉

CEO Olivia


Hypersialism in Good Dogs

A drooling dog
Hello, CEO Olivia here. Today’s topic is a wet one so you made need a towel. BOL! All dogs drool to some degree, it’s just natural. But sometimes it can become an issue. Hypersialism is when a good dog salivates excessively as a result of the saliva glands producing too much saliva. The excessive moisture can lead to inflammation as well as irritation around the dog’s mouth.
Excessive salivation can be caused by a number of things such as
  • infectious diseases
  • Irritation from an object that might be stuck in the mouth
  • An injury to the mouth
  • Certain medications
  • Allergies
  • Poisoning
  • Seizures
Some dogs are just drooly by nature & there’s no cause for worry. But if your good dog suddenly appears to be drooling more than usual, you should see your vet as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis.  Your vet will determine the cause & treat it accordingly.
Myself, I’m a lady & ladies don’t drool. Well, not much 😉
CEO Olivia ❤