Olivia’s Digital Howliday Card Drive


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. As I’m sure you are aware, we are entering the howliday season. I’ve got into the habit of sending out cards this time of year to all my furriends. This year I’m trying a different approach. Instead of mailing out cards my huMom & I are going to make a digital card. The money we save on buying cards & postage will be donated to the Wally Foundation ~ Canine Epilepsy. This was a difficult decision because we love to receive cards too. However, we felt that since this is the season for thinking of others & the better good of our families & communities, we our decision is based on this sentiment.

My huMom is designing a card that you will be able to download & enjoy, or we can share it to your Facebook or Instagram. If you would like one, please send me your email address or where you’d like it shared. It’s as simple as that.

Just a reminder, if you join my pack by signing up for my Knotty Toys for Good Dogs Newsletter, you’ll receive our Howliday card & a pawsome bonus coupon for 15% off your next toy purchased before December 31st, 2019. Just click on the pop up on our store.

CEO Olivia


Announcing the winners of Olivia’s Silent Auction for The Wally Foundation 2019

News, News Flash

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. I’m pawfectly pleased to announce the winners of my silent auction. First, a huge thank you to everyone who pawticipated. You’ve helped a cause close to my heart. nose nudges

Without further delay, here are the winners.

Custom engraved ID tags donated by Critter Comforts Napanee

winner: Brandi Nicole

Favorite Dog Stories by James Herriot Hardcover 1st USA Edition

winner: Jeff Chasen

Easy Walk Harness & Leash Black/Medium size

winner: Christine Ricardo

The framed photo collage of yours truly, Olivia.

winner: Melanie Mamakos

Our Mighty Gnaw

winner: Jeff Chasen

Knotty Rove Tosser

winner: Tiny Tony aka Chicken who has asked me to give it to Angels Tyler,Oddie Mango and Ariels misson to help.

Knotty Nips 3 pack

winner: Sandy Bigelow

Knotty Chaw Chaw

winner: Melody Glenn-Turner

Knotty Bon Bons

winner: Sandy Bigelow

Glucosapet by Omega/Alpha

winner: Tiny Tony aka Chicken who once again has asked me to give it to Angels Tyler,Oddie Mango and Ariels misson to help. That’s wooftastic of you Chicken.

Custom made vinyl clock created by Shop Zoo Crew & Beast Bag Boutique

winner: Christine Ricardo

Pet Cooling bed donated by Dorothy of FiveSibes

winner: Diane Plumley

Bracelet by FeatheredSunsets

winner: Christine Ricardo

No one bid on the LiverTone / KidneyTone combo by Omega/Alpha

Congratulations to everyone. My huMom will be contacting you through messenger this week to arrange the details.

CEO Olivia

November Epilepsy Awareness Month 2019


To close out November epilepsy awareness month, my huMom, under my direction has put together a video. Please paws for a few minutes to watch & join me in spreading epilepsy awareness year round.

Enjoy the day.

CEO Olivia