Impawtant Info On Staying Safe During These Dog Days Of Summer

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Dot & Jerry Underfoot were yowling over todays blog when I heard Dot purr quietly, ‘We’re in the dog days of summer & that should be our meownow.”  This reminded me of a post we barked out in July of 2015.  HI CEO Olivia here dogsplaining what  ‘dogs days of summer’ refers to & how humans came to use this saying in Dog Days of Summer?  What?   Go on & give it a sniff; it’s pawsome.

Since we are officially in the dog days of summer we thoughts we would also dig up our post Seven Good Rules For The Summer Months posted in July 2019.  It’s just  as impawtant; please give it a good sniff & pass it on to furiends.

Heat Stroke In Dogs was posted in 2016 & the information is wagnificently impawtant to nose.  Even those who  have years of experience often need to take a fresh sniff from time to time. Go on paw over & take a sniff, you nose you want to.

Enjoy your Summer & have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜



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