Artist Calvin Nicholls

Canine Culture

To most of us a sheet of paper is something we mark with some form of base or medium.  HuMom will write a letter with ink or create a image with a strike of graphite or splash of paint.  I myself occasionally enjoy a pawsome afternoon painting with my pallet of purples.  Paper is the canvas for our ideas whether they be written in the language of text or in the dogpictions of the eye & imagination.

However, today’s artist creates the most doglightful pieces without leaving a single mark on his paper canvas.  Calvin Nicholls instead uses knives, scissors & glue in his pawsitively delicate & wagnificently intricate paper sculptures.

Calvin Nicholls enrolled in a 3 year Art Program at Sheridan College in 1976, worked for an advertising agency for a year before opening his own successful freelance design studio in Toronto, huMom’s hometown.   More about his success & achievements can be read here.

When questioned on the delicate & fragile nature of the pieces Calvin Nicholls answers, “The cuts & texture are often tiny & very delicate but due to the numerous glue joints for every piece, the overall strength is substantial. Tests of the bond between glue & paper reveal that when deliberately forced, the paper tears while the glue seam remains intact.”

Dot & Jerry Underfoot took notice immediately that this artist was pawsitively keen on our feathered furiends.

We sniffed out this link if you would like to read more on Calvin Nicholls’ technique & a link to his Instagram account.

Have a safe & wooftastic weekend, CEO Olivia 💜

March Goes Purple



It’s March & you pawsitively must mark your calendars on March 26th.  It’s Purple Day!

Purple Day is the internationally recognized day of epilepsy awareness! It was an idea created by Canadian Megan Cassidy who was motivated by her own struggles & journey with epilepsy. It was her hope that Purple Day would get people talking about epilepsy, share personal information, educate, support & inform those living with epilepsy & let them know they  that they are not alone. With the help of ‘The Epilepsy Association of The Maritimes‘ Megan Cassidy’s idea was developed in 2008 & is now know as Purple Day.

Like humans, we dogs & cats can also live with epilepsy. I, CEO Olivia have been diagnosed & living with Idiopathic Epilepsy for just over 9 years.  As we are often known for sharing, ‘When someone in the family lives with epilepsy, everyone in the family lives with epilepsy.’ That’s why we Show our Purple &  invite you to Show your Purple!’ during the month of March. It’s a pawsome way to get people talking about epilepsy.  

We have already been contacted by our friend & fellow Epilepsy Warrior Sasha Pina about her Purple Day event, ‘Lace’EM Up For Epilepsy’ (race will be ran May 2, 2021).  Dot & Jerry Underfoot have been working on something for Purple Day which we will bark about at another time & I am pawsitive The Wally Foundation – Canine Epilepsy will have a Purple Day announcement as well.  We always want to hear from you & what your Purple Day plans are.  Do you have an event you would like to share with us?  Go ahead, we’re can’t wait to hear about it!

In the coming weeks we have some wooftastic epilepsy related topics to share with you so sniff your way back & get the dirt on this neurological disorder & see me always looking furbulous in purple.

CEO Olivia