Heat Stroke In Dogs


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Dogs (and cats) cool themselves by panting & by releasing heat through their paws. On summer days the air & sidewalk (or beach) can heat up to high temperatures that make it difficult for animals to cool themselves. This can lead to a dangerous condition, heat stroke.

Dogs can also risk overheating if exercised outside during the day in hot weather. When it’s very hot, my huMom schedules my walks for early morning & evening when it’s cooler & she always remembers to bring water. She also lets me rest if I need to.

These are common symptoms of heat stroke.

  • Exaggerated panting (or the sudden stopping of panting)
  • rapid or erratic pulse
  • salivation (drooling)
  • anxious or staring expression
  • weakness, muscle tremors or lack of coordination
  • tongue & lips red (which may eventually turn bluish in color)
  • convulsions or vomiting
  • collapse, coma & death

If you think your dog, or any dog you encounter may be suffering from heat stroke you need to get them cooled down as fast as possible. Get them into the shade or inside. Wet the dog with cool water. Put them near a fan or grab a magazine & fan them vigorously to promote evaporation. If possible, take the dog’s temperature. Place cool wet towels over the neck, under the armpits & between the hind legs. Don’t apply ice, it will constricts blood flow which will slow the cooling down process. Allow the dog to drink some cool water but don’t force it. Take the dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible to be checked out.

Be safe this summer.

CEO Olivia


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