Sculptor Gerard Mas

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here, welcome to Friday. Spanish sculptor Gerard Mas sculpts the likenesses of good dogs & cool cats from tree trunks & alabaster stone.  Using very minimal materials, Mas creates the signature folds & frowns of French Bulldogs, the sleek muzzles of English Bull Terriers & the inquisitive faces of Siamese cats. When called for Mas gives the animal dark “fur” which he achieves by charring the carved surface. His in-progress & completed sculptures can be sniffed out on Instagram.

Have a pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia

Felt Hats for Cool Cats

Canine Culture

Japanese couple Ryo & Hiromo Yamazaki combine their love for fashion design, kitties, & photography by creating fancy hats for their three cats out of the kitties’ own shedded fur. What began as simple designs have become increasingly more intricate over the years. Simple acorn-like shapes have evolved to detailed samurai helmets, sailor caps, & even a duck hat. The different shades of the cats’ orange, tabby, & white fur allow for nuance within each hat.

Let’s have a look.

You can follow along with the human & feline Yamazaki family on Instagram.

Happy July 4th to our furiends to the south 🇺🇸

Have a safe & pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia

Artist Omar Rayyan

Canine Culture

Beer in Stein Bear

Welcome to Friday, CEO Olivia reporting. Artist  Omar Rayyan  is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design & lives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Let’s sniff out some examples of his beautiful, bizarre watercolors.

Beer Barrel Bear

Pleased Pig in a Pub with a Pint

Pig in Purple

He has created illustrations for many publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Random House & Hyperion/Disney. He also has illustrated several children’s picture books.

In 2016, Omar published an illustrated book, “Goblin Market”. It was the culmination of many years of work, a personal project based on the narrative poem by Christina Rossetti. The result was a beautiful hardcover book packed with over 100 full-color watercolor paintings.

Bunny’s Birthday Bash

Anna Katenina

Cat with Fiddle

Have a safe, pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia