Music for Shelter Dogs

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Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I’ve sniffed out something wooftastic. Martin Agee, is a violinist who has played for over 40 Broadway cast albums including “Fiddler on the Roof,” “The Color Purple,” & the upcoming revival of “West Side Story.” He is also a volunteer with the ASPCA. When he’s not busy rehearsing or performing, he plays soothing classical music for dogs recovering from abuse.

While training at the ASPCA Animal Recovery Center, Mr. Agee learned about a program where people could read to dogs recovering from abuse, he thought playing music for them could also help.

The response from the dogs has been very positive. Often, within seconds dogs will curl up on their beds or in front of the doors, & quietly listen or watch Mr. Agee play. Some hounds have even helped by singing along.

Mr. Agee sticks to soothing classical pieces by Bach, Handel & Mozart. The result is an overall calmness that not only the dogs appreciate but the staff as well. What a pawsome thing to do.

Check out this short video of Mr. Agee at a shelter. We at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs bark out a big “Thank You” to Martin Agee.

CEO Olivia ❤

Reminder – November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. This year I’m asking all my fellow Epilepsy Warriors & wagnificent supporters to help me raise Canine Epilepsy awareness globally. Here’s what I want you to do. Get your human to take your picture with a sign showing your “Bark Out” or motto against this horrible disease. Then send it to me by messaging my Facebook page, “Oh, the Life of Olivia“.

Once November arrives I will begin posting the pictures I’ve received. Let’s show the world how strong The Canine Epilepsy Community is.

Artist Martin Wittfooth

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. I’m still recovering from my last fight with the Epi Monster, but I did manage to sniff out some pawsome artwork by artist Martin Wittfooth. He is a painter who was born in Toronto, Canada, grew up in Finland, but now calls New York City his home.

Wittfooth’s oil paintings are set in atmospheric landscapes rendered over many paint layers on canvas, linen, or wood panels. The worlds created in Wittfooth’s paintings implore the viewer to question the status quo, to challenge that which is taken for granted, & to proceed with caution.

Have a pawsome weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian 🇨🇦 followers.

Remember to get your human to take your picture with a sign showing your “Bark Out” for November’s Month  of Canine Epilepsy Awareness. Then send it to me by messaging my Facebook page, “Oh, the Life of Olivia“.  We will then share them to with the world.

CEO Olivia

Art In A Sec

Canine Culture

Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here.  HuMom receives a few Art newsletters in her email & this company’s link was too temping for us not to go & dogvestigate.  Here’s what we sniffed out.

Art in a Sec creates one of a kind pet pawtrait painting from one of your photos in less than 2 minutes using trained state-of-the-art AI (Artificial Intelligence) models.  Each piece is available for purchase on stretched canvas & produced using archival inks that promises to preserve all the fine details & not to fade.

Art in a Sec promises to deliver high quality, visually stunning paintings that are painted with AI painter that actually understand what it’s painting.  They go on further to state. ‘These are not filters at work but multiple state of the art artificial intelligence processes that learn the subject of the photo to understand what they’re painting’.


We can’t be sure of the results ourselves since we only created images of each fursibling in the house.  We haven’t ordered one on canvas.  Sounds pawsitively tempting though.  What do you think?

Have a wagnificent weekend,

CEO Olivia