Olivia’s Barkday Celebration!



Next Tuesday, June 21st, will be my 6th Barkday aka Birthday!  This week, here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs we will be celebrating. I guess you’ve heard, I’m the CEO. My name is Olivia & I live with canine epilepsy.

We are having a give-a-way. One lucky dog will win a Large Knotty Chaw-Chaw. Exported-Lrg Chaw chaw-Edit noframeIt will begin this Wednesday & the draw will held on my barkday. Enter as often as you wish.

On Friday I’ll be discussing my doggy vocabulary; the odd words & terms my huMom & I share. “Zoomies”, “bum swings” & “nose nudges” will all be explained. I’ll also share some of my many silly nicknames. Feel free to email in your doggy terms & nicknames or share them on our Facebook page.

If you haven’t already, come visit my personal Facebook page called, “Oh, The Life Of Olivia“. I have 6,900 likes. I share my daily life as well as support & information with other “epi-warriors” out there.

3 bum swings & 3 more!

CEO Olivia

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