Daylight Savings and Epilepsy Medications


Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. One of the more annoying human creations is daylight savings time. I’ve been told it served a purpose many years ago when a lot of people lived on farms & we had what was called a “rural economy”.  Most people live in big cities now & daylight savings doesn’t make much sense any more but I understand; humans don’t like change very much.

The epilepsy monster doesn’t care what time it is. I must take my medications every twelve hours. Many other epi-warriors do as well. I’m fortunate that Knotty Toys for Good Dogs is a home based business because that means huMom is almost always here with me.  Making the switch in the spring & fall is easy because huMom simply maintains the twelve hour interval regardless of what the clock says. My 11 o’clock dose becomes a 10 o’clock dose for several months. Then it goes back to 11 o’clock, but it’s always really been the same time & twelve hours apart.

For humans that have to go out to work, this plan may not work so easily. They do have to change by an hour to accommodate their routine. In the case of epilepsy medication, an hour can be a long time. One method is to start several days before & slowly move the medication time forward or backward depending on the time of year. Adjusting ten minutes over six days is one method.

What method do you use when daylight savings rolls around? I’d like to know how you approach this pawsitively annoying time shift.


CEO Olivia

Purple Wordless Wednesday

wordless wednesday

A collage of Canine Epi-Warriors

Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. This week for Wordless Wednesday we at Knotty Toys for good Dogs are paying tribute to Canine Epi-Warriors like myself. The pictures come from The Wally Foundation – Canine Epilepsy. Remember to #painttheworldpurple for #PURPLEDAY #canineepilepsyawareness

CEO Olivia ❤

Purple Day 2017


Today is Purple Day, a global movement to raise epilepsy awareness. Every March 26th, people & good dogs in countries around the world wear purple & host events in support of epilepsy awareness.

For today we are joining in blog hop along with FurAngel Gibson of Fivesibes, & Rolo of Confessions of a Rescue Mom. If you would like to add your blog to the Purple Day Blog Hop, go here.

Over time we have collected many photos of Canine Epi-Warriors that we have met through social media. Last year we made a short video montage of these brave souls & have made an updated version for this year. Many of my fellow Epi-Warriors are still fighting the epi-monster but sadly, others have fallen. We send out our love & strength to all those living with canine epilepsy & those who have lost a loved one.

Please show your support by showing your ‘purple’, my huMom & I are. To all that live with epilepsy I bark out, “Stay strong & seizure free!”.

CEO Olivia ❤

Don’t go yet, you haven’t entered my Give-a-way. We are happy to announce that we have reopened our online store. To celebrate, one lucky good dog is going to win a Mighty Chaw Chaw. Contest closes at midnight tonight. Just make a comment here, then click the link below to enter or you can enter through our Facebook page or my Facebook page. Good luck!

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