Olivia’s 7th Barkday is Coming


Hello everyone, it’s me, Olivia once again. I have a short announcement today. It’s still a few weeks away but I’m already swinging my tail with anticipation because I’ll be turning 7 on June 21st.

I want to share my special day with all of you so I’m going to have a Give-A-Way. In fact, I’m going to have two Give-A-Ways. One for a good dog & one for a good cat.

Our Knotty Toys for Good Dogs are wooftastic. My furSister Suzie Q & I love ours, & Dottie is always flinging her Knotty Bon Bons about. So I’m going to toss a few to some lucky good dogs & cats in celebration of my Barkday.

The fun will begin soon.

CEO Olivia




Oh, The Words of Olivia



I use unusual words. Dog words. Being a dog, it comes naturally. Humans ask for clarity sometimes. So today, I’ll explain the meaning of some of my more common dog words.

Bum Swings – sometimes, when I’m very happy, I wag my tail so hard, my entire back end starts swinging wildly. That’s a bum swing. The good dog in this video gives an excellent example.

Nose Nudges –  I’m famous for my nose nudges. I never learned to give an affectionate lick like other dogs. If I want to kiss, I just press my nose against your hand or cheek.

Walkies – going for a walk. That’s an easy one.

Zoomies – when your just so happy you have to run around at full speed…often in short bursts. I hear these are a global phenomenon. This video shows an excellent example.

Wooftastic – when something is amazing & wonderful, it’s wooftastic.

BOL! – Bark out loud. A dog cyber laugh.

Pawsome – when something is really, really good, like a really tasty treat, it’s pawsome.

HuMom – my human mom.

Pawfect – when things are going my way, life is pawfect.

Stinks – the wonderful smells & odors people & critters leave behind as they move about. I love finding & analyzing new stinks.

So there you have it. Some of my dog words. Do you have any to add? send me an email & we’ll post them in a future blog.

Be sure to enter my Birthday Give-a-way. A good dog will win a Knotty Chaw Chaw. Zoom over to our page on Facebook to enter or my Facebook page, Oh, The Life of Olivia.

CEO Olivia

Olivia’s Barkday Give-A-Way



Hello everyone. CEO Olivia here. As I’ve mentioned, next Tuesday, June 21st, is my 6th Barkday (birthday). To celebrate, we here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs are having a give-a-way contest. One lucky good dog will win a large Knotty Chaw Chaw.

Simply go onto Facebook, either Oh, The Life of Olivia (my Facebook page) or Knotty Toys for Good Dog’s page. At the top, below the banner you’ll see a tab for my give-a-way. Click it, follow the instructions & that’s it.

Next Tuesday we will announce the winner. The winner will be contacted via email to confirm a snail mail address.

We wish everyone the best of luck.

3 bums swings & 3 more.

CEO Olivia