The Bile Acid Test



Today, as promised, I’m explaining what a bile acid test is because I will be getting one in a few months. There are two blood tests that can help determine how healthy my liver is. One is called a liver enzyme level & the other is a bile acid test. The liver enzyme test can indicate the degree of inflammation or damage. A bile acid test measures how the liver functions & if it is working properly. A healthy liver will recycle bile acids, a damaged liver wont. Doing a bile acid test will reveal if enough healthy cells are present, if the blood supply to the liver is adequate & if bile moving through & out of the liver properly.

The liver secretes bile which is needed for proper digestion because it breaks down fats. During digestion bile acids are released by the gallbladder where they are stored &  get absorbed by the intestine, then the bloodstream. If the liver is functioning properly, the bile acids are then removed from the bloodstream & returned to the gallbladder until they are needed again. This is called Enterohepatic Circulation.

I’m having this test done because the medications I have to take daily are known to be stressful on the liver. More so over time & I am getting older. When I have my test done, huMom says I’ll have to fast, which is pawsitively displeasing to know. Not only that, I can’t even smell food because we don’t want my tummy waking up. My good vet will take a blood sample & then my good Vet or Vet Tech will feed me a small fatty meal . Two hours later, my vet will take a second blood sample.

The two blood samples will be compared to show before & after meal levels of bile acids. If they show blood levels of bile acids that are high, this means that my liver isn’t doing its job as well as it should & huMom will work with my vet to get my liver healthier. However, we are staying pawsitive & hoping for a low bile acid count.

huMom understands, this is part of living with canine epilepsy. My medications are life saving but they are harsh on my body. Which reminds me, today I’m 163 days seizure free. I’ll be pup-dating you soon on huMom’s thoughts about my CBD oil & I’ll share what I’ve sniffed out about what, if any effect they have on the liver.

CEO Olivia

Sorting Fact from Fiction Canine Epilepsy Awareness


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. In the last hundred years there has been wagnificent progress in understanding the biological basis of canine epilepsy, the development of effective antiepileptic drugs (AED) & other modalities of management & the pawvention of seizures. Yet, there continues to be confusion & misunderstanding when it comes to canine epilepsy.

Let’s take a sniff at some of the more common misunderstandings or myths.

Canine epilepsy is not a death sentence.  Most dogs living with epilepsy can live long & happy lives with proper seizure management/control. I have a pawtacular life in which I am a Princess &  the Prettiest of All Pretties ( huMom says so). My life is full of wooftastic dogventures, doglightful gratitude & so much love. This good dog couldn’t ask for more.

Epilepsy is a disorder not a disease. An epilepsy warrior isn’t sick, during an episode something electrical is going wrong in the brain.

Not all seizures are due to epilepsy.  Many other health issues can cause seizures. Blood sugar issues, head injury, electrolyte problems, kidney or liver disease, & eating poison can all cause seizures in good dogs.

Dogspite how your dog’s seizures look to you, seizures are not painful. We dogs will feel confused & may have episodes of panic. It is impawtant to be prepared by creating a safe & quiet (both in sound & light) space.

Finally, dogs do not swallow their tongues during a seizure episode. Although they may bite their tongue or any fingers that get too close.

Sharing information & creating awareness is how we overcome these misunderstandings. That’s why we believe it is dog gone impawtant to support  Wally’s Canine Epilepsy Foundation in their mission to educate, inform & assist good dogs living with canine epilepsy.

Wally’s Canine Epilepsy Foundation also helps save the lives of canine epilepsy warriors every day by assisting those humans who through no fault of their own can not afford the life saving medications for their good dogs. Good dogs who might otherwise would be surrendered or worse, euthanized.

A gift to WCEF gives hope to those epilepsy Warriors & their families who are not only battling the ‘epi monster’ from a health standpoint but also financially.

CEO Olivia

Help support Wally’s Canine Epilepsy Foundation🐾💜🐾 & Pamper the chef in your life with wooftastic Pampered Chef products✨ June 1st through to June 30th✨ because no Epilepsy Warrior should be without their lifesaving anti seizure medication.
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March Goes Purple



It’s March & you pawsitively must mark your calendars on March 26th.  It’s Purple Day!

Purple Day is the internationally recognized day of epilepsy awareness! It was an idea created by Canadian Megan Cassidy who was motivated by her own struggles & journey with epilepsy. It was her hope that Purple Day would get people talking about epilepsy, share personal information, educate, support & inform those living with epilepsy & let them know they  that they are not alone. With the help of ‘The Epilepsy Association of The Maritimes‘ Megan Cassidy’s idea was developed in 2008 & is now know as Purple Day.

Like humans, we dogs & cats can also live with epilepsy. I, CEO Olivia have been diagnosed & living with Idiopathic Epilepsy for just over 9 years.  As we are often known for sharing, ‘When someone in the family lives with epilepsy, everyone in the family lives with epilepsy.’ That’s why we Show our Purple &  invite you to Show your Purple!’ during the month of March. It’s a pawsome way to get people talking about epilepsy.  

We have already been contacted by our friend & fellow Epilepsy Warrior Sasha Pina about her Purple Day event, ‘Lace’EM Up For Epilepsy’ (race will be ran May 2, 2021).  Dot & Jerry Underfoot have been working on something for Purple Day which we will bark about at another time & I am pawsitive The Wally Foundation – Canine Epilepsy will have a Purple Day announcement as well.  We always want to hear from you & what your Purple Day plans are.  Do you have an event you would like to share with us?  Go ahead, we’re can’t wait to hear about it!

In the coming weeks we have some wooftastic epilepsy related topics to share with you so sniff your way back & get the dirt on this neurological disorder & see me always looking furbulous in purple.

CEO Olivia