March Goes Purple



It’s March & you pawsitively must mark your calendars on March 26th.  It’s Purple Day!

Purple Day is the internationally recognized day of epilepsy awareness! It was an idea created by Canadian Megan Cassidy who was motivated by her own struggles & journey with epilepsy. It was her hope that Purple Day would get people talking about epilepsy, share personal information, educate, support & inform those living with epilepsy & let them know they  that they are not alone. With the help of ‘The Epilepsy Association of The Maritimes‘ Megan Cassidy’s idea was developed in 2008 & is now know as Purple Day.

Like humans, we dogs & cats can also live with epilepsy. I, CEO Olivia have been diagnosed & living with Idiopathic Epilepsy for just over 9 years.  As we are often known for sharing, ‘When someone in the family lives with epilepsy, everyone in the family lives with epilepsy.’ That’s why we Show our Purple &  invite you to Show your Purple!’ during the month of March. It’s a pawsome way to get people talking about epilepsy.  

We have already been contacted by our friend & fellow Epilepsy Warrior Sasha Pina about her Purple Day event, ‘Lace’EM Up For Epilepsy’ (race will be ran May 2, 2021).  Dot & Jerry Underfoot have been working on something for Purple Day which we will bark about at another time & I am pawsitive The Wally Foundation – Canine Epilepsy will have a Purple Day announcement as well.  We always want to hear from you & what your Purple Day plans are.  Do you have an event you would like to share with us?  Go ahead, we’re can’t wait to hear about it!

In the coming weeks we have some wooftastic epilepsy related topics to share with you so sniff your way back & get the dirt on this neurological disorder & see me always looking furbulous in purple.

CEO Olivia





It’s Our 10th Gotcha Day!

News, News Flash

Ten years ago today huMom & I found each other 💜

For those who haven’t already heard the story you can sniff it out here.

This has been a rough week for us here.  One spent fighting the epi monster. A name we use for when a seizure episode takes hold. It’s been a week of constant vigilance night & day because you never know when that dog gone epi monster is going to strike.  One thing we do know, it often does just as I fall into a good dog sleep.

But this post isn’t about canine epilepsy; although we have many if you are interested.  This post is about the relationship between huMom & I.  A relationship that has grown over the years.  HuMom didn’t know me & I didn’t know her.  We had to learn how to listen & communicate to one another. We learned to trust each other, to have fun with each other, & we learned to love each other.

Remember, huMom’s heart was still hurting from loosing her Destabella just a couple of months before we met. Her visit that day was in concern for another dog who later became  my furbro Mickey Moo Man.  However, it didn’t take long before my charms won her over & she was pawsitively smitten with me.

HuMom still tells the story of the day I leaned my back up against her leg & look up at her.  That was how I told her I loved her.  You  see I did not like to be hugged or to kiss.  No kisses given or received.  I won’t fib, I love kisses now but I still don’t give kisses.  Instead, I like to 💜 nose nudge 💜 I have kissed my huMom, but only twice. I’ve wandered away from what I’m trying to say here. It didn’t take me long to know I could always count on my huMom to feed, shelter & care for me. She loved me &  I loved her before we even knew it.

HuMom & I have spent today together resting & recovering.

Now go kiss you dog, or cat; you know you want to.

CEO Olivia 💜

New Toys, New Products & A Podcast for Good Dogs


Welcome to a new year everyone, I’m your CEO Olivia, reporting as usual. We at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs have a few big goals for this year.

First we will be rolling out a new cat toy we are calling ‘the Kickaroo’. It will be similar to our Knotty Rove Tosser for good dogs, but made with a cat in mind. Strong enough, tough enough for our feline furiends to play it naturally. The Kickaroo will be made from hemp canvas & filled with hemp fibers & our own Dot & Jerry Underfoot approved wild cat nip. We are also working on a second cat toy we are calling, “The Knotty Kitty Teaser”.

My huMom is also working on a paw balm for good dogs. Like everything we have, it will be all natural & organic.

But the big project we are working on is a podcast. My huMom & SAM have been planning this for a while now. Scripts are being written, equipment is being purchased & software is being studied. Both my humans have been practising talking, which makes me BOL cause they already talk all the time😉. The Knotty Toys for Good Dogs studio is taking shape.

We intend to cover a wide range of topics regarding good dogs & cool cats. Naturally canine epilepsy will be discussed from all angles but we will also be discussing the overall good health & wellbeing for all good dogs & cats. There will also be wagnificent interviews with pawtacular guest & of course there will be some silliness because dog gone it everyone needs to BOL / MOL every now & then.

We would really appreciate any ideas you might have. Is there a topic you would like to know more about? Or perhaps you have an experience you wish to share. We want to hear from you. Reach out to us at with the heading “podcast”.

In these crazy times, it’s hard to put a date on things but in regards to the podcast, we will roll out our first episodes as soon as they are ready. Early Spring?

Until then, be safe as we wish everyone the best for 2021.

CEO Olivia