Olivia’s Annual Checkup Part 1


Hello everyone. Those that follow my Facebook page Oh, The Life of Olivia will already know that I had my annual health check up on April 13th.  Dr. Kim Facey, the Vet I have been seeing since I was 9 months old retired last year & sold her practice to two pawtastic Vets, Dr. Janson & Dr. Bierworth aka Dr. Brooke & Dr. Jodi.

Like the rest of the world we are dealing with the Covid pandemic & because of this we missed my appointment last year.

For any of you that have had to visit your Vet recently, you are probably aware of the procedural changes to how to do things safely. This year, I had to go inside by myself while huMom & SAM waited in the parking area. They were able to talk to the vet as my exam proceeded with huMom’s cellphone. I was not that happy when I realized huMom was staying outside, but I was treated very kindly (treats & praise) & it wasn’t long before I was back with my family.

To prepare for my vet visit, huMom had a phone consultation with our favorite Veterinary Assistant & Client Care Representative Channon the day before. HuMom explained that I am not to receive any vaccines due to the risk of triggering a seizure & that I was not to go through a decontamination processes where I would have been sprayed down with chemicals to disinfect me because this too could trigger a seizure. My leash & harness were sprayed down but not me.

Another thing huMom did before my visit was to download what’s called a canine body map. We have a link to download dog or cat body maps for free on our resource page. These maps show a dog or cat from the top, the bottom, both sides & the face. huMom did this to show exactly where I had a couple of subcutaneous fat deposits that she wanted looked at. This helped save time for my vets because it showed where on my body to look. Afterwards my vet said that the body map was very helpful. Turns out the lumps were nothing of concern but of course they were measured & documented.

As pawformed in previous annual visits blood was collected for a Heartworm test &  Wellness T4 test.  More blood was collected to check my Phenobarbital & Bromide Levels. Several vials of blood were necessary for testing, so when I got home huMom gave me some organic raw honey with coconut yogurt &  wild blueberries. Doglicious as it was I still had not had my breakfast & medicine time was coming up.  Both of which I was given before huMom insisted on a much needed dog nap to regain my strength.

My trip to the vet went very smoothly. HuMom came prepared & my vets & the staff are just the nicest people a dog could meet.  A seizure is always possible after a stressful or overly excitable event but thank dog, I stayed strong.

Next week I’m going to bark about how to understand your blood work, my results & our post check up phone call with my vet.

Until then, have a wooftastic week.

CEO Olivia

Artist Kang Dong Hyun

Canine Culture


Welcome to Friday everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’ve sniffed out some pawsome looking sculptures by Korean sculptor Kang Dong Hyun. His technique involves constructing hollow sculptures from a system of metallic branches, giving his works the appearance of metallic shrubbery, portraying majestic animals such as lions, elephants, & horses.

You can sniff out Kang’s interpretations of the animal kingdom on Instagram.

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Have a wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia

Wordless Wednesday For November 25th

wordless wednesday


Welcome to Wordless Wednesday at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. Let’s take a moment to paws & reflect.

‘Everything reminds me of my dog’🐾💜🐾  It’s obvious huMom is what as known as a pareidolia but you have to admit, this is pawsitively wooftastic😉

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CEO Olivia