Epi-Warrior Rocky

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Rocky _ Kim Faulks

This is Rocky, he turned 8 on Feb 2nd. He has been fighting epilepsy for the last two years.

Rocky has just had a rough couple of weeks. He was rushed to the Emergency Vet & had to stay over night. At the time of writing this, Rocky has since changed his meds & diet. So far Rocky has been seizure free 3 days!

He & his family are grateful for all the support & prayers they have received  from the canine epilepsy community.  Rocky will continue to be an Epi-Warrior & Supporter for all the other Epi-Warriors out there!

Stay Strong Rocky!

CEO Olivia

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2 thoughts on “Epi-Warrior Rocky

    1. On behalf of Rocky & his family, thank you . Living with canine epilepsy is like living with an invisible vicious stalker who follows your every move & never knowing when it will attack. This is also true for all who love & care for a dog living with canine epilepsy. We are grateful for each seizure free day & live life to the fullest.
      ❤ nose nudges ❤ CEO Olivia


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