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Hi there, CEO Olivia here. I’m a very busy dog this week helping my huMom with our new eBooks. Together we’re learning to use new software & apps. At the moment we have five eBooks in various stages. We’re calling them “CEO Olivia’s Quick Sniff eBook Series”. As I mentioned in my last post, they will be free & available at our online store.

Today, because it’s November & Epilepsy Awareness Month, I’m simply sharing some purple art work inspired by the fight against epilepsy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some editing to do. 🙂

CEO Olivia

CBD Effects on Epilepsy Medication


It seems at least once a week I am asked about CBD Oil. It is showing promising results in the management of epilepsy. I have tried it briefly & my huMom believes it was helping me but we are hoping to get a specific CBD oil called, “Charlotte’s Web”, because it is made specifically to manage epilepsy. We are also doing our due diligence as this is a relatively new medication & it is not yet regulated (or legal) here in Canada.

A study is underway at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Adults & children with hard to manage epilepsy are trying CBD oil but the study is also looking as to how CBD interacts with other seizure medications.

The study has found that there were significant changes in levels of the drugs clobazam, topiramate, & rufinamide in both adults & children. Changes in zonisamide & eslicarbazepine was observed in adults only. Except for clobazam, however, the drug levels did not change outside of the normally accepted range. Tests also showed that participants taking valproate & CBD showed slightly more stress on their liver.

The findings emphasize the importance of monitoring blood levels of anti epileptic drugs as well as liver function during treatment with CBD oil. The perception exists that since CBD is plant based, it is natural & safe. While this may be true, this study shows that CBD can interact with anti seizure drugs.

Studies like this are very helpful. We intend to try CBD Oil again, once we find a quality brand that clearly helps. There seems to be no question that CBD oil can shut down seizures but some standardization & quality control needs to be established. Maintaining a regular dosage is very important.

Do you use CBD Oil to manage epilepsy? If so, I’d like to hear your story.

CEO Olivia

Our Purple Day Tribute to Canine Epi-Warriors


Tomorrow, March 26th is Purple Day, a global movement to raise epilepsy awareness. Over the past year, we have collected many photos of Canine Epi-Warriors that we have met through social media. We have made a short video montage of these brave souls. Some are still fighting the epi-monster while sadly, others have fallen.

Please show your support by showing your ‘Purple’ tomorrow.  We invite you to share your pics with us.  You can email or paw our Facebook page.  We will be putting together a page to honor all Canine Epi Warriors.  To all that live with epilepsy I send you my mantra, “Stay strong & seizure free!”.

CEO Olivia

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We are having our first giveaway in celebration of Purple Day. We will be awarding the winner with a Free Knotty Chaw-Chaw. Free shipping included!

The winner will be announced on March 27th. Just follow the link below. Good luck to all who enter.

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