Another CBD Journey Pupdate


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’m feeling wooftastic because it’s day 111 with no seizures. My huMom continues to be very pleased with my prawgress since I began taking my full spectrum CBD oil. I’ve been receiving daily micro doses since July 11th.

This is by far the longest I’ve gone seizure free since before our house fire back in the spring of 2016.

My huMom is happy to say that my focus is pawtastic. My coordination has continued to improve as well. Just the other day I leapt gracefully onto, then over a log I normally would stumble over or would require assistance with.

I’m sleeping well, eating well & huMom says I smell wonderful. We haven’t observed any negative effects of me going on full spectrum CBD oil. I will continue receiving my micro doses daily. My annual blood work will be in December & huMom has decided to wait until then to have a discussion with my vet about the possibility of a reduction in my pharmaceutical AED’s (anti epileptic drugs). That’s a goal I hope to meet.

In the meantime, huMom is constantly studying everything she can find about cannabis & it’s therapeutic & medicinal applications. Especially in regards to defeating the epi monster.

CEO Olivia


Epi-Warrior Rocky

Canine Culture, News

Rocky _ Kim Faulks

This is Rocky, he turned 8 on Feb 2nd. He has been fighting epilepsy for the last two years.

Rocky has just had a rough couple of weeks. He was rushed to the Emergency Vet & had to stay over night. At the time of writing this, Rocky has since changed his meds & diet. So far Rocky has been seizure free 3 days!

He & his family are grateful for all the support & prayers they have received  from the canine epilepsy community.  Rocky will continue to be an Epi-Warrior & Supporter for all the other Epi-Warriors out there!

Stay Strong Rocky!

CEO Olivia

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