A Barkday Card Drive Update


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. My Barkday card drive for the Wally Foundation is well underway. Today I’m excited to tell you even more wooftastic things have been added to the prize pack.

Dorthy Wills-Raftery is donating her award winning book, “What’s Wrong With Gibson”. Written by Dorothy & illustrated by Michelle Littler, this book has short, easy to follow stories & beautiful illustrations,  that both children & adults can enjoy while learning about Canine Epilepsy. Gibson was Dorthy’s brave epi warrior.

But wait there’s more…

Rick Selwood, the Executive Director of the Wally Foundation has told me he will be contributing a surprise gift as well. I pawnder what it is.

Please join in & help me help the Wally Foundation. Paw here for all the details.

CEO Olivia

Suggested Reading

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, it’s me again, CEO Olivia. Did you know there are many books about canine epilepsy? Today I’m suggesting two by Dorthy Wills-Raferty that aren’t all medical speak & come from real life.

What’s Wrong With Gibson was written by Dorothy Wills-Raftery & illustrated by Michelle Littler. In this book, through short, easy to follow stories & beautiful illustrations, both children & adults can learn about K-9 Epilepsy. Gibson was her brave epi warrior.

The second book just happens to have me in it as well as many, many canine epi warriors. It’s called EPIc Dog Tales. It’s a beautiful, coffee table book, collecting more than 120 heartfelt stories about dogs who have lived or are living with Canine Epilepsy. It also contains a valuable library of online resources & information about living with Canine Epilepsy.

Remember that March 26th is International Purple Day. I hope you will all be sporting your finest purple attire. I know my huMom & I will be.

Have a pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia

Do you live with canine epilepsy? My huMom & I have a new free eBook series about living with Canine Epilepsy. If you’d like to have them send me an email at knottytoys4gooddogs@gmail.com or go to my store & paw the subscribe button at the bottom of the page.

A Congratulations Is In Order


Hello, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I want to bark out congratulations to Dorothy Wills-Raftery of FiveSibes: Siberian Husky K9 News & Reviews. You remember that my huMom was on her Sibe Vibe radio show a couple of weeks ago. Dorthy has won the 2017 NYC Big Book Award in the Pet Category for her book, “EPIc Dog Tales: Heartfelt Stories About Amazing Dogs Living & Loving Life With Canine Epilepsy”.

The book is a collection of short stories about dogs living with canine epilepsy. One of the stories is about me, Olivia!

Dorothy has written other books too. Her book, “What’s Wrong with Gibson”, is a positive, educational tale of how the FiveSibes help Gibson when he has a seizure from Canine Epilepsy. It’s a book for humans of all ages, & great for helping children understand pets (or anyone) living with Epilepsy.

You can sniff out Dorothy’s books here.

Congratulations Dorothy! Here’s to more success in the future.

CEO Olivia