Are You New To Canine Epilepsy?


CEO Olivia

You’ve adopted a good dog, that’s wooftastic. You’ve enriched three lives, yours, the new good dog & the good dog you just made room for at the shelter. But when adopting, often the history of the dog may not be known. What if your new dog has epilepsy? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Hello, my name is Olivia & I live with canine epilepsy.

My huMom had worked in the veterinary field for many years & had some limited experience with epileptic dogs, yet my first seizure was still terrifying for her. Don’t feel bad if your frightened. At the first opportunity after that first seizure, you should get your good dog to the vet for an assessment. If you get the diagnosis of canine epilepsy, don’t despair, it can be managed. Ask your vet lots of questions & if you’re not satisfied, seek out a vet more experienced with canine epilepsy.

Having a good dog with epilepsy requires devotion, patience & a huge heart. Strict regimes must be followed for medications. Those regimes may change several times over the years as may the medications. Finding the right cocktail may take time & what works now may not work later.

You must be prepared for an event 24/7. A degree of selflessness is always required when caring for a companion animal, more so if this includes battling epilepsy. It’s not about you, in fact, you must leave your ego behind & your emotions in check because you have to remain focused, calm & attentive.

Knowledge is power, so learn all you can, there is an abundance of information out there & research is ongoing. There are many support groups that can be found on the internet.  Many families are fighting the same fight as you.

Follow me on my Facebook page, Oh the life of Olivia. There you can connect with other epi-warriors like myself & their families.

The Wally Foundation is our charity of choice because they help qualifying families with the cost of epilepsy medications & medical costs.

Canine Epilepsy Resources is a site with an abundance of information.

You can also download my free eBooks, there are more coming soon.

Just remember, you’re not alone. There are many, many dogs living with epilepsy. Reach out, educate yourself, be flexible to change. Your good dog is depending on you.

CEO Olivia


November Is Epilepsy Awareness Month


Good day everyone, CEO Olivia here. Once again we here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs will be observing Epilepsy Awareness Month. I’m sure you all know by now that I live with canine idiopathic epilepsy & I like to do my part to offer support & share information with my fellow epi-warriors.

As we’ve done in previous years, for the month of November we will be doubling our donations to the the Wally Foundation. They offer financial assistance to families struggling with the costs of AED’s (anti epileptic drugs). They also redistribute medications, donated by good humans. The Wally Foundation’s founder & Executive Director Rick Selwood believes no one should have to surrender or euthanize a beloved companion because you can’t afford medications.

November 7th will mark the 4th year my huMom has been the Communications Director for The Wally Foundation. Wooftastic!

I’ll be posting regular facts about canine epilepsy on Facebook & on Instagram. Plus don’t forget my eBook series about living with canine epilepsy. My huMom & I wrote them with the hope they will help those who are both new to living with epilepsy & the veterans, like me. We also have an eBook written by epi-warrior Riley’s huMom, Deanne Rodgers Tanksley & there are two more books in the works. They’re free to download here on our blog. Just follow the banner link above.

I’ll also be showing off my furbulous wardrobe of purple outfits. What will you be doing to raise epilepsy awareness this month? I’d love to hear your ideas.

CEO Olivia

I Need To Pick A New Winner


CEO Olivia at the Train Station

Hello everyone CEO Olivia here. As you know last month I had a Barkday Card Drive for the Wally Foundation. I have a wooftastic prize pack to give away & despite numerous efforts to contact the winner, I’ve had no response.

After careful consideration, my huMom & I feel it’s only fair to move on & pick another winner. So once again, we have written the names of all who entered the Barkday Card Drive on pieces of paper & tossed them in a hat. My huMom put the hat on upside down & picked out a new winner.

Congratulations to Jean Maddox Gay, you’ve won my Barkday Card Drive Prize Pack! I’ll be reaching out to you on Facebook to get your snail mail address.

Thank you again to everyone who participated, together we raised $225.00 US. for The Wally Foundation. Remember, that money might save a good dog’s life.

CEO Olivia