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With 9 days left to November Epilepsy Awareness Month Dot & Jerry Underfoot pawed my memory about my Quick Sniff eBook Series.  Hi CEO Olivia here today to share my series on Canine Epilepsy.

If you are new or been in our wagnificent Canine Epilepsy Community for some time, these short but packed eBooks have something for everyone.  Sometimes we know things but they get buried under a whole lot of other impawtant things, these eBooks may help to dig those impawtant things back up for you.  If you are new to Canine Epilepsy these wooftastic eBooks give you hope, facts, & guidance that can lead the reader in the right direction, with knowledge & a pawsome community.  We want you to know you are not alone in this, we got your back.

Currently there are 4 eBooks, huMom & I are working on a 5th.  The first 3, #1 Check Your Emotions #2 Seizure Types #3 Stages of a Seizure are a Knotty Toy For Good Dog Production.  Written & Pawsented  by me CEO Olivia & Olivia of Oh, The Life of Olivia. My late fursister Suzi Q was Editor & Chief.  Dot & Jerry Underfoot were responsible for Design & Layout. GG aka Puff Piggy GG my late pigbro did a pigtastic job on the Graphic Design.  The 4th eBook,  If I Knew Then What I Know Now is written by a pawsome furiend & fellow Epilepsy Warrior’s huMom & Dad.  His name was Riley of Living the Life of Riley & his pawrents are Deanne & Billy Tanksley.

We would also like to pawffer one more impawtant tool. HuMom created this Seizure Activity Journal PDF  that you can download to use for your own good dog. This journal can pawvide both you & your Veterinarian some impawtant information.

If you have any questions, huMom & I love to share what we know so don’t paws, simply contact us via messenger, email or call us on our mobile.  We’re here for you & your furleggers.

Sending pawsitive energy & strength to all my fellow Epilepsy Warriors throughout November Epilepsy Awareness Month & on. 

CEO Olivia 💜 PS 🐾 Looking for wagnifient healthy & furbulously fun toys or pawsibly a supplement for the well being of your pawtacular good dog or cat? Shop Naturally

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Reducing Stress In Epileptic Good Dogs


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Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here.

Stress & anxiety are recognized to be major triggers in epilepsy, both in humans & us good dogs. Not only can they trigger a seizure, they can make the event worse, with possible clustering. It is believed dogs can be triggered by their human being stressed out.

Methods to reduce stress & improve the emotional state of people with epilepsy include relaxation exercises such as yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, biofeedback & cognitive behavioral therapy. Some of these techniques can be adapted & may prove beneficial to dogs as well.

Trigger management is basically the recognition & avoidance of seizure triggers. A detailed journal is an effective way to identify triggers. Once a trigger is identified it may allow for their avoidance, or the use of behavioral therapy to eventually desensitize  the dog to the trigger using controlled exposure if possible. For example, maybe your walking route goes by a busy intersection that stresses your good dog. Selecting a quieter route may eliminate a trigger. The overall health of your good dog is important.  Any health issue or change in routine could create stress for your Epi Warrior.  Cats used to cause me a lot of stress; I can’t tell you why but they did.  Now that Jerry Underfoot is here my feline furiends do not create stress for me.  He helped to desensitized this issue for me.

The use of behavioral therapy principles can improve the mental health of dogs which also leads to less stress.  Simple things like daily snuggles or play time can keep stress at bay. Regular massage is both relaxing & a good bonding exercise. A dog who knows they are loved is a happy dog. Any training should be reward based not punishment-based. A shock collar should never be used. A steady, daily routine can instill  feelings of control in a good dog which may also reduce overall stress.

Dogs with epilepsy usually exhibit behavioral changes before a seizure event (preictal).  These changes may include restlessness, clinginess or fearfulness. It’s possible that  relaxation based interventions during this pre-seizure stage may be effective in shutting down an impending seizure. Ocular Compression therapy is a good example as it releases chemicals into the brain that instill calmness.  Calming music, essential oils like lavendar & frankincense can also help create a calmness in your environment

To sum it up, Dog’s like myself, who live with epilepsy may require a more calm & gentle life with a steady routine. Reducing stress & anxiety can possibly lower the frequency of seizure events.  Personally, my huMom is always aware of possible cause of anxiety in me & we do our best to avoid stressing me.

We would love to hear about your strategy for keeping your Good Epi Warrior calm.

Have you sniffed out my  free eBook Keep Your Emotions In Check?

CEO Olivia

Keeping a Seizure Activity Journal


At the suggestion of my vet, my huMom began keeping a journal of my epilepsy events. Keeping records helps identify patterns & warning signs. When I have a Grand Mal seizure, when I display warning signs or having focal seizures, my huMom will write it in the journal & also make note of things such as the weather, the moon phase & what activities we were doing such as going in the car or having guests.

My huMom tries to record as much detail as possible. The information can be of great use for my vet & my neurologist. It also takes out a lot of guess work. She can refer to the journal to see how many days apart my seizures occur, how I respond to my meds & overall see the big picture. It’s through keeping my journal that my huMom discovered I almost always have a seizure within the six days around the full moon ( i.e. 3 days before until 3 days after). The journal also showed how I would often seizure around the time of an extreme shift in the weather.

My huMom keeps both a hand written & electronic copy of my journal. She made this PDF that you can download to use for your own good dog.

Seizure Activity Journal PDF

CEO Olivia