Good Dogs Want to Know

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Hello everyone CEO Olivia here.

HuMom was asked the other day, “Why the black pepper in the Golden Paste?” We thought what a pawsome question.

For those who may not be familiar with the wagnificent health benefits of Golden Paste I will briefly dogscribe to you what they are.

JOINTS 🐾 anti-inflammatory 🐾Tumeric aids with arthritic conditions

INTESTINES & STOMACH 🐾 high in Iron, Fiber, Vit. K, Potassium & Zinc 🐾 Black Pepper aids digestion while Tumeric aids bacterial infections

PANCREAS, SPLEEN & LIVER 🐾 Tumeric enhances overall function while Black Pepper increases enzyme secretions of the pancreas which aids digestion

HEART 🐾 heart & circulatory function is increased with Tumeric

Pawsitively simple yet packed with good health for us good dog’s & their humans.

To Sniff Out more read Tumeric & Epilepsy

Have a wooftastic week,

CEO Olivia💜

4 thoughts on “Good Dogs Want to Know

  1. Does a good dog really eat coconut and turmeric?
    However they are natural vegetables that could tolerate but i’m not an expert, certainly human, humanitarian, humanizing people can also eat coconut and turmeric … 🙂
    Black pepper?
    It certainly hurts dogs and let us also remember to take care of the environment, eco-terrestrial biology, the Nature flora that transmutes carbon dioxide into oxygen … 🙂

    Good morning, good job

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    1. Yes, this good dog & my fursister Lady Q eats 1tsp of Golden Paste (Tumeric, coconut oil & Black Pepper) with every meal. HuMom eats a larger dose based on weight.
      Yes, we must remember to care for our environment 💜nose nudges 💜🐾


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