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Hello everyone CEO Olivia here.

HuMom was asked the other day, “Why the black pepper in the Golden Paste?” We thought what a pawsome question.

For those who may not be familiar with the wagnificent health benefits of Golden Paste I will briefly dogscribe to you what they are.

JOINTS 🐾 anti-inflammatory 🐾Tumeric aids with arthritic conditions

INTESTINES & STOMACH 🐾 high in Iron, Fiber, Vit. K, Potassium & Zinc 🐾 Black Pepper aids digestion while Tumeric aids bacterial infections

PANCREAS, SPLEEN & LIVER 🐾 Tumeric enhances overall function while Black Pepper increases enzyme secretions of the pancreas which aids digestion

HEART 🐾 heart & circulatory function is increased with Tumeric

Pawsitively simple yet packed with good health for us good dog’s & their humans.

To Sniff Out more read Tumeric & Epilepsy

Have a wooftastic week,

CEO Olivia💜

Turmeric & Epilepsy



I have spoken before on the health benefits of Turmeric for dogs. Today I want to share some information about how turmeric can help those who live with epilepsy. Turmeric contains an ingredient called curcumin. Scientific studies have shown evidence that curcumin has anti-seizure properties & can aid in the treatment of status epilepticus ( multiple seizures back to back).

Curcumin can increases the level of antioxidant enzymes & reduces oxidative damage in the brain; this indirectly might reduces the frequency of seizures. Turmeric oil also possesses anti-convulsant properties.

Curcumin works in combination with anti-epileptic medications. It increases the therapeutic effect of the drugs which may allow a reduction in the dosage required.
Curcumin also can protect the brain from side effects of anti-epileptic drugs which can be rather toxic.

It is also very good at keeping the internal organs such as the kidneys & the liver from becoming too toxic from anti seizure medications. To sum up, turmeric can serve as complementary therapy by virtue of its anti-epileptic & anti-seizure property.


Always consult your vet before making any dietary changes.


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CEO Olivia