Canine Epilepsy Awareness Month ~ Impawtant Information

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Today is the last Monday of November Epilepsy Awareness Month.  Dot & Jerry Underfoot reminded me, CEO Olivia that we have some meowsome information that some of you may not have read & even if you have, it’s always pawsome to review information.  I nose my huMom often likes to re read information.  She says there is always something to learn, so we want to share some links to some of our previous post on Canine Epilepsy.

Are You New To Canine Epilepsy?

Tools for You & Your Canine Epilepsy Warrior 

Sorting Fact from Fiction Canine Epilepsy Awareness

November Epilepsy Awareness Month ~Omega Alpha’s Canine Epilepsy Protocol

Emotional Support and Epilepsy

Taurine and Canine Epilepsy

Canine Epilepsy & Cognitive Impairment

Diet & epilepsy

Turmeric & Epilepsy

This link is not so much about epilepsy as it is about helping the liver.  For us pups that take anti seizure medication, this is impawtant.

It’s A Toxic World Out There~ Pawtect The Ones You Love & Use Omega Alpha’s LiverTone Supplement

Olivia’s Annual Checkup Part 1

Olivia’s Annual Checkup Part 2

Olivia’s Annual Checkup Part 3

More Tests for Our CEO Olivia

The Bile Acid Test

Ocular Compression Therapy

The Importance of Ice Packs

MCT Oil Explained

Melatonin & Epilepsy

For anyone new to canine epilepsy it impawtant to nose it is not a death sentence.  Canine epilepsy can be managed; it may take some time before you get there but don’t give up.  Reach out to others that are also living with this condition.  Sharing is caring & we are a pawtastic community.  Take care of yourself because you can’t take care of us unless you do.  Eat well, drink plenty of water, talk to someone about your feelings, fears, doubt & thoughts.  Sometimes a compassionate ear can turn your whole world around & make it so much easier to stay in the moment & love yourself & your canine epilepsy Warrior.  We end with this last link, Knowledge Is Power.  

Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜

Sending pawsitive energy & strength to all my fellow Epilepsy Warriors throughout November Epilepsy Awareness Month & on. Stay strong! 💜 nose nudges 💜  


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