The Importance of Ice Packs


CEO olivia with her ice pack

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I want to emphasize the importance of having ice packs as part of your epilepsy preparedness kit.

During a seizure, the body temperature can rise rapidly & if the event goes on for more than a couple of minutes, there is a serious risk of overheating (hyperthermia). This can potentially cause serious brain damage. It’s vital to keep your good dog cool during or if possible before an epileptic event.

My huMom always has ice packs in the freezer ready to go. Our “go to” ice pack has a gel inside so it soft & is easy to conform to the shape of my lower back. Bags of frozen peas or corn are not recommended because they don’t get cold enough. In a pinch, use ice cubes wrapped in a towel or placed in a freezer bag.

The ideal location to place an ice pack is on the lower spine, ( see the chart below) just forward of the back hips.

where to apply ice packs on a dog's spine

If it appears I’m about to have a seizure, my huMom will apply an ice pack to my lower back & give me Ocular Compression Therapy. Sometimes the combination can stop a seizure from taking hold. Cooling can also lessen post ictal symptoms. When I do have a grand mal seizure, the ice pack is applied as soon as possible followed by a dose of my cluster buster ( Keppra) stuffed inside a small piece of chilled banana.

Further reading: Epilepsy, the Ever Changing Journey.

CEO Olivia


4 thoughts on “The Importance of Ice Packs

  1. I have multiple packs for Elsa and use them on her back, around the back of her neck and in the low chest area. She’s such a little hot box anyway, and the cooling can make a difference during a long seizure. Thank you for the graphic image, I never knew exactly where to place them so this will be especially helpful.

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