This Month, Monday is About Supplements


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. My huMom & I were looking over my seizure activity journal & noticed since I began supplementing my meals with Taurine the amount of Grand Mals I’ve experienced has gone down. It’s becoming more common for me to only show what used to be my postictal behavior such as dashing about & being very agitated, which might suggest I’m close to an event threshold but not breaking through or I could be having focal seizures.

This morning I leaped out of bed. I was very agitated & needed to run. At times I would crouch down & whine. HuMom gave me Keppra, which is my cluster buster & once it took affect I was calm. But again, I had no Grand Mal & it seems the Taurine may be helping me. We will discuss this with my good vet.

This month, on Monday’s I’m going to discuss the supplements I take to help me fight the monster & keep me in top health. My kidneys & especially my liver need all the support I can give them & I do this with all natural, herbal products. I also have probiotics added to my meals because my meds are hard on my digestive system & we all know a healthy gut is important.

I’d also like to know what supplements my fellow epi warriors might take.

CEO Olivia โค


5 thoughts on “This Month, Monday is About Supplements

  1. Wow, that’s fascinating! Is this a canine supplement or is it a reduced dosage from regular Taurine obtained over the counter at a health food store? What is the dosage? I’ll be curious as to what your vet thinks and hope you’ll share it with the epi-warrior community.

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    1. The taurine we use is an over the counter health food product we order online from NOW. HuMom trust the company Now & finds their products to be pawtacular. No it is not a canine supplement; it is human grade. We purchase it at the dosage of 500mg. I get 1000mg in my morning while Q gets 500mg & we both get an additional 500mg again with our dinner.
      Our Vet is always updated with any new supplement but we do look forward to sharing our observations with her. Yes, we will certainly share her thoughts when we have them๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿพ

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