This Month, Monday is About Supplements


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. My huMom & I were looking over my seizure activity journal & noticed since I began supplementing my meals with Taurine the amount of Grand Mals I’ve experienced has gone down. It’s becoming more common for me to only show what used to be my postictal behavior such as dashing about & being very agitated, which might suggest I’m close to an event threshold but not breaking through or I could be having focal seizures.

This morning I leaped out of bed. I was very agitated & needed to run. At times I would crouch down & whine. HuMom gave me Keppra, which is my cluster buster & once it took affect I was calm. But again, I had no Grand Mal & it seems the Taurine may be helping me. We will discuss this with my good vet.

This month, on Monday’s I’m going to discuss the supplements I take to help me fight the monster & keep me in top health. My kidneys & especially my liver need all the support I can give them & I do this with all natural, herbal products. I also have probiotics added to my meals because my meds are hard on my digestive system & we all know a healthy gut is important.

I’d also like to know what supplements my fellow epi warriors might take.

CEO Olivia


Turmeric, Liver treats & Canine Epilepsy


Turmeric dog treats

Hello one & all, CEO Olivia here. If you follow me here, on Facebook, or on Instagram you know I live with Canine Epilepsy.

Over the past few months, the frequency of my Grand Mal seizures has dropped considerably. I almost made it to 100 days seizure free. By contrast, for a long time after our house fire I had a Grand Mal every 11 days like clockwork.

My huMom keeps a journal where she tries to record every detail that might have an impact on managing my epilepsy. While reviewing her notes, two things stood out. It may be just a coincidence but then again, maybe we are onto something.

First, for several  months now, I’ve been given Turmeric paste with my meals. HuMom prepares batches of this golden deliciousness at home. It’s very easy to make. Follow the link above for the recipe.

Second, I’ve been eating lots & lots of dried liver treats. Liver is excellent brain food because it is packed with beneficial vitamins & fatty acids.

  • An excellent source of high-quality protein & amino acids
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin C
  • Minerals such as zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, iron & chromium, some of which are very important for cognitive function & overall brain health.
  • Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K. Liver is the most concentrated source of retinol (preformed vitamin A) found in nature.
  • All of the B vitamins, including choline, B12 and folate, which support methylation, a biochemical process that is very important for a healthy brain.

A final possibility is that our lives have settled down a lot in the past few months. My life has been pretty routine & reasonably free of stress, so this may be also be contributing to my decrease in seizures. My huMom has also read that for humans, smiling is actually good for the brain so she tries to get me to smile a lot by playing, belly rubs & simply engaging & smiling at me a lot.

Whatever is going on I thought it might be helpful to share this information with my fellow epi-warriors. If you google Turmeric & epilepsy you can find a lot of information on the benefits of ingesting turmeric regularly.

Do you have a special diet due to epilepsy? I’d like to know more.

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CEO Olivia


Melatonin & Epilepsy


Hello, CEO Olivia here. We have fingers & paws crossed because in 8 days I will be 2 months seizure free. This will be the longest I’ve gone since the house fire in April of 2016. My huMom thinks that giving me Melatonin around the full moon might be a contributing factor. That & the fact that things have been reasonably calm at home.

Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland, which is located in the brain of mammals. It stabilizes our circadian rhythm, which is our awake/sleep cycle. When released into the body, it’s saying, “time to close down for the night”.

It has been used for years to calm reactive dogs during thunderstorms or if fireworks are going to be near by. It seems to help those dogs with audio anxieties (fear of loud noises) especially.

There has been research suggesting that dogs with epilepsy might not produce enough melatonin naturally which may contribute to seizure activity. It was this assumption that got my huMom interested in trying it for me.

When I have a grand mal seizure, it’s almost always at night or very early morning. The full moon appears to be a trigger for me as often the epi-monster attacks around that time. Over the past few months, for three days before the full moon until three days after, I am given 3mg of melatonin with my dinner.

I show few side effects from the melatonin, During the day I may be a bit wobbly but I’m also much calmer & at night huMom says my sleep is deeper.

Melatonin is common enough that you can find it at any drug store. It comes in various dosages, I take 3mg. It can also be purchased in liquid form & there are even dog treats. I would suggest starting with a low dosage at first, side effects may include peeing more, or the dreaded diarrhea if the dosage is too high. Please consult your vet if this is new to your good dog.

I’m curious if any of my fellow epi-warriors take melatonin too. If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

CEO Olivia

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