Branding Our Knotty Toys for Good Dogs


Testing our branding iron

Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I have an update (pupdate?) about our new hemp soft toys.

We really want our toys to be as natural as possible. So when it came time to add our logo on our toys, we had a bit of a problem. Any natural dye we tested didn’t stand up to doggy saliva & became blurry & faded too quickly. Food dye’s are not natural, so they wouldn’t work either. There really wasn’t anything that huMom felt 100% okay about.  An embroidered logo just didn’t feel right either.

Then huMom got an idea. She was joking about “corporate branding” as a literal thing. Branding! As in hot metal? Exactly!

Chelsey head logo branding ironI sniffed about the inter-webs & found a company called, “The Custom Brand Shop“. They were super friendly & did a wooftastic job at creating a brand from our Chelsey head logo.





Our next batch of soft toys is in production & they will be sporting our logo. So you’ll always know it’s a genuine Knotty Toy.

chelsey head brand on hemp

CEO Olivia



Extending My Barkday Card Drive.


Olivia's Barkday Card Drive Poster

Hello everyone, it’s me, CEO Olivia. I was thinking the other day, I have over 11,000 followers on Facebook. Imagine if every one of my followers donated a single dollar to the Wally Foundation through my Barkday Card Drive. That would go towards helping so many who are living with canine epilepsy.

The Wally Foundation‘s objective is to assist humans who have dogs living with epilepsy, as well as dog rescue & animal shelters, in paying for epileptic medications & treatments, & to financially assist research towards finding a cure.

The Wally Foundation & we here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs believe that no one should have to lose a beloved family member for financial reasons. Nor should any dog rescue or animal shelter have to turn a dog away because of canine epilepsy & the expense of treatment.

I’ve been informed that there are cards making their way to me in the mail & they may not arrive before my Barkday, so as CEO, I have made the executive decision to extend my Barkday Card Drive until the end of the month. June 30th. The winner will be announced on July 1st.

Rick Selwood, the executive director of the Wally Foundation has added a $25 Amazon gift card to the prize pack. How pawsome is that!?

Please help me & my huMom celebrate my Barkday. A card with a $1 donation to the Wally Foundation is what I want for my Barkday this year. Or you can make a donation through PayPal, just leave a note saying, “Olivia’s Barkday”.

For snail mail:
PO Box 125
Coe Hill
ON. Canada
K0L 1P0
For PayPal donations:

Thank you to everyone.

CEO Olivia