The Bile Acid Test



Today, as promised, I’m explaining what a bile acid test is because I will be getting one in a few months. There are two blood tests that can help determine how healthy my liver is. One is called a liver enzyme level & the other is a bile acid test. The liver enzyme test can indicate the degree of inflammation or damage. A bile acid test measures how the liver functions & if it is working properly. A healthy liver will recycle bile acids, a damaged liver wont. Doing a bile acid test will reveal if enough healthy cells are present, if the blood supply to the liver is adequate & if bile moving through & out of the liver properly.

The liver secretes bile which is needed for proper digestion because it breaks down fats. During digestion bile acids are released by the gallbladder where they are stored &  get absorbed by the intestine, then the bloodstream. If the liver is functioning properly, the bile acids are then removed from the bloodstream & returned to the gallbladder until they are needed again. This is called Enterohepatic Circulation.

I’m having this test done because the medications I have to take daily are known to be stressful on the liver. More so over time & I am getting older. When I have my test done, huMom says I’ll have to fast, which is pawsitively displeasing to know. Not only that, I can’t even smell food because we don’t want my tummy waking up. My good vet will take a blood sample & then my good Vet or Vet Tech will feed me a small fatty meal . Two hours later, my vet will take a second blood sample.

The two blood samples will be compared to show before & after meal levels of bile acids. If they show blood levels of bile acids that are high, this means that my liver isn’t doing its job as well as it should & huMom will work with my vet to get my liver healthier. However, we are staying pawsitive & hoping for a low bile acid count.

huMom understands, this is part of living with canine epilepsy. My medications are life saving but they are harsh on my body. Which reminds me, today I’m 163 days seizure free. I’ll be pup-dating you soon on huMom’s thoughts about my CBD oil & I’ll share what I’ve sniffed out about what, if any effect they have on the liver.

CEO Olivia

Happy Barkday to Me!


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. It’s my 11th Barkday, so today I’m all about gratitude.

I have everything a good dog could want. My humans love me, care for me & make sure I am always safe & healthy.  I have my feline siblings Dottie & Jerry Underfoot. I raised Dot from a kitten, she still whaps me on the bum for fun. Jerry just gives me kisses.

I also have all my friends online both two & four legged. I’m grateful for all the love & support they send me each & every day.

I know huMom & SAM have some things wrapped in pretty paper for me to open; new toys perhaps? But I already have the greatest gift of all, I know that I am loved.

CEO Olivia

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Ticks, Yuck!


Hello everyone. We are in early spring here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. I got an unpleasant reminder of what that means yesterday. huMom always gives me a thorough check after our walks once the snow is gone & she found a tick on me. So she & SAM sprung into action with a small tool called a tick twister (see above). Within moments the tick was removed & dispatched in a solution of rubbing alcohol. But yuck. We hate ticks.

Ticks are small insects that are related to spiders. They can be found in forests, tall brush or grass. But they aren’t just in the country side, they live in city parks & backyards too.

Ticks will jump on any mammal as it’s walking by. Then they burrow through the fur to feed on blood. In doing so, ticks can transmit deadly diseases & parasites. Lyme disease is carried by ticks. The longer a tick feeds the more likelihood of it transmitting a disease or a parasite, so it’s important to remove them as soon as possible.

Ticks are visible to the naked eye & will grow as they feed. If you do find a tick, it is important to take care when removing it. Any contact with the tick’s blood can potentially transmit infection to your good dog or even to you! Treat the area with rubbing alcohol & pluck the parasite with a tick remover, making sure you’ve gotten the head. Never squeeze an attached tick or it will ‘barf’ into the wound. The ‘barf’ may have parasites or viruses in it.

My huMom is a “helicopter mom” with me & my fur is short & light colored so in my case, finding a tick isn’t that difficult. I imagine this isn’t so for all good dogs. For us, the tick twister tool comes in handy. But if your good dog is thick furred it may not be so simple & a tick may go undetected. There are medications you can give your good dog, both to prevent & kill ticks. There are pills, spray’s, & shampoos. Like any medication, you need to be careful about which one you use. Tick medications are toxic. Make sure you read all labels carefully, & if you have any doubts, seek advice from your veterinarian. We always like to promote all natural products & there are natural tick treatments but we have never tried one so I can’t say if they are effective or not. If you use a natural product for ticks, please share your thoughts.

I recommend you always give your good dog a thorough check after a walk in nature, be it a forest, park or backyard. Pay special attention to the ears, lips, nose, under the chin, the top of the legs & between toes. These are places ticks like to hide, but they will attach anywhere given the chance. The one huMom found was on the back of my neck.

A “tick Twister” is specifically designed for removing ticks. They can be purchased at a pet supply store or ask your vet. This video shows how a Tick Twister works, it seems very easy.

Ticks are dog gone disgusting & ugly so I apawlogize for this being a gross post.

CEO Olivia