Taurine And Epilepsy


CEo Olivia

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia once again. Today I’m barking out about a supplement called Taurine that my huMom has added to my diet. It can play a vital role in managing my epilepsy.

Taurine is an amino acid that is important in the functioning of the nervous system. It is an anti-convulsant that stabilizes nerve cell membranes. Animal protein is the only source of taurine, meaning you won’t find it in fruits or vegetables, though trace amounts are found in some seeds.

Taurine is released into the brain during an epileptic event. Since it’s an inhibitory compound, it can allay seizures & reduces their frequency. A diet deficient in taurine can possibly cause seizures but it also may contribute to clustering as well. Besides this, taurine is a metabolic transmitter that regulates the blood sugar levels. This is particularly important because incorrect levels of blood sugar are related to a higher incidence of seizures. I can also bark from experience that after a seizure I need to boost my blood sugar. A seizure can be like running an entire marathon.

Taurine also plays an important role in regulating the levels of other amino acids. Levels of amino acids in epileptic dogs are often irregular, so taurine supplements are beneficial. As always, I suggest you consult your good vet before making any dietary changes.

Two things to look for when purchasing a Taurine supplement are, first, that it’s in capsule form (free of binding agents found in pills) & second, the label clearly says it’s just Taurine & free of preservatives.

Both myself & Suzie Q are taking 500mg a day to start, split into two feedings. We get it at breakfast & at dinner. I will be slowly increasing my dosage until I’m taking about 1500mg a day. This is the dosage recommended by Dr. Shawn Messonier, DVM, in his book, The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats(2001). Susan G. Wynn, DVM, & Steven Marsden, DVM, in the Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine, Science & Tradition(2003) also recommend boosting taurine levels in epileptic dogs.

Do you take a taurine supplement? I’d like to know about your experiences with it.

CEO Olivia

PS.  HuMom sends a ‘Thank you’ to the ladies.  She said you know who you are



6 thoughts on “Taurine And Epilepsy

  1. We will be seeing our vet soon for our annual workup and I’m going to ask him about putting Elsa on this amino acid. She had an slight episode Monday (just missing a 6 month seizure-free period) but I’m alway open for more pawsitive ways to keep the monster at bay.

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    1. Sorry to read Elsa had an episode. We hope she is feeling stronger & more her pawsome self.
      5+ months seizure free is wooftastic! But we know no seizures is what we are all working towards 💜
      The taurine I am taking was purchased from an online company called ‘NOW’. We use their melatonin & other products. We trust them.
      Sending pawsitive energy & strength to Elsa💜

      💜nose nudges💜

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