New Knotty Offerings


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Last week we reopened our online store. Today I want to talk about the new additions to our toys.

First I’d like to mention that the hemp used in our toys is grown in Romania & Hungary. It’s grown without pesticides or chemicals for the simple reason that hemp does not require them. Our hemp is also unpolished & is not bleached. It’s just pure, raw hemp. It’s rough to the touch & smells like the fields it was grown in which we dogs love.

Our new Mighty Gnaw is for the serious chewer. Made from 20mm hemp rope, it has a Stevedore knot at either end with an added large double overhand knot at one end. It’s massive! It’s excellent for playing fetch, positive reinforcement training or simply as a good mighty dog gnaw 😉

The good cat in your life can now also enjoy our pure hemp toys.   Knotty Bon Bons come in packs of three & have been tossed with real organic catnip. My fursister Dottie goes nuts over her Bon Bons. They are made from 12mm hemp rope & I think they look like a rope spider.  Dottie agrees. She says they make for excellent prey & provide her with the  full hunt experience.


We are now experimenting with softies & are in the process of developing prototypes that Fursister Suzie Q & I are eager to test out. We’ll keep you updated.

CEO Olivia

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