What’s the Deal with Catnip?


a cat enjoying catnip

Hello everyone, my name is Dottie & I’m a cat. I’m the chief cat toy tester here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. CEO Olivia has asked me to guest write today’s post because today is National Cat Day & frankly, she knows very little about catnip.

Catnip is a member of the mint family of plants. It’s stem & leaves contain a chemical called nepetalactone which we cats find very stimulating. This goes for every species of cat, we all enjoy it’s effects. However, about 20% of cats have zero interest. No one is sure why this is. It also doesn’t seem to hold any interest to kittens until they have matured sexually.

But what does it do to us you ask? Let me get scientific for a moment. Nepetalactone, catnip’s volatile oil, enters the cat’s nasal tissue, where it is believed to bind to protein receptors that stimulate sensory neurons. These cells, in turn, provoke a response in neurons in the olfactory bulb, which project to several brain regions including the amygdala (it mediates emotional responses to stimuli) & the hypothalamus, the brain’s “master gland” that plays a role in regulating everything from hunger to emotions.

In plain words, it gives us a temporary state of euphoria followed by a sense of calmness. The effects last about 30 minutes & if we are exposed to more right after it will be less intense. The best part is there doesn’t appear to be any negative health effects.

So there you go. HuMom just harvested a huge bag of catnip from the garden. It will be used in our upcoming soft toys for cats. But Jerry & I get to indulge ourselves if we ask nice.

As I mentioned above, today is National Cat Day, so go get your favorite feline some catnip & celebrate.

Dottie – chief cat toy tester



New Knotty Offerings


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Last week we reopened our online store. Today I want to talk about the new additions to our toys.

First I’d like to mention that the hemp used in our toys is grown in Romania & Hungary. It’s grown without pesticides or chemicals for the simple reason that hemp does not require them. Our hemp is also unpolished & is not bleached. It’s just pure, raw hemp. It’s rough to the touch & smells like the fields it was grown in which we dogs love.

Our new Mighty Gnaw is for the serious chewer. Made from 20mm hemp rope, it has a Stevedore knot at either end with an added large double overhand knot at one end. It’s massive! It’s excellent for playing fetch, positive reinforcement training or simply as a good mighty dog gnaw 😉

The good cat in your life can now also enjoy our pure hemp toys.   Knotty Bon Bons come in packs of three & have been tossed with real organic catnip. My fursister Dottie goes nuts over her Bon Bons. They are made from 12mm hemp rope & I think they look like a rope spider.  Dottie agrees. She says they make for excellent prey & provide her with the  full hunt experience.


We are now experimenting with softies & are in the process of developing prototypes that Fursister Suzie Q & I are eager to test out. We’ll keep you updated.

CEO Olivia

Silly Dog Sundays ~ August 21st Edition



If you would like to share some silliness with us, toss us an email at knottytoys4gooddogs@gmail.com.  It can be a video clip or a photo of your Good Dog, a silly meme or cartoon from the net.  Let’s bark out loud together. 🙂

CEO Olivia