What is Lip Fold Pyoderma?


Until a few days ago, I’d never heard of Lip Fold Pyoderma. It’s also known as Lip Fold Dermatitis.

As the name implies, this condition affects a dog’s lip folds. It’s mostly commonly seen in dogs with pronounced saggy folds of skin such as Bloodhounds, St. Bernards, Mastiffs & Bulldogs. However, any dog can possibly get it.

The usual causes are the accumulation of saliva or food debris which causes bacteria & yeast to thrive due to the presence of moisture, or sometimes the friction of the skin folds against one another may start as a local irritation that then progresses to inflammation & possibly an infection if left untreated.

Symptoms may include damp, red & irritated lip skin folds. You might detect an unpleasant odor. If the condition progresses, there may be hair loss & the presence of ulcers & scabs. The color of the surrounding fur may become discolored from the saliva or yeast & bacteria if present. It can be painful.

How it’s treated should be determined by a visit to your good vet. What if any medications prescribed will depend on the severity & cause. Although not always possible, you should keep the affected area clean & dry. A good face wipe after meals can help remove food particles. Some people have reported quick results from applying Penaten cream which is basically Zinc Oxide, but I can’t say I would recommend that because we’ve never tried it.

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