Remembering Misty


Today is a sad day here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. Last year on April 2nd, our home burned to the ground. What started as a small fire in the neighbor’s garage grew quickly & destroyed both houses.

Not all of us made it out. My beautiful fur sister, Misty, died in the fire. She was a grouch & enjoyed watching more than participating but we all loved her. My huMom liked to call her, “Miss Missy”. Misty was a good auntie to little Dottie & her sisters when they were found abandoned by the road.

Misty came to us with her medical records. According to her papers, she was a Silver Tabby, Seal point Siamese cross. She had tiger stripes on her legs & leopard spots on her tummy. She was beautiful & she new it.

Never take your loved ones for granted. I’ve learned that life can change in a heartbeat.

We all miss you terribly Misty.

CEO Olivia

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