Bad Toys for Good Dogs Part 2 ~ What to Avoid

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While sniffing about I’ve made a disturbing discovery. Most dog toys are not really that safe. They are not as strictly regulated as toys for humans & many dangerous toys find their way to stores. A big part of the problem is that dog toys are marketed towards the human owner. The bright colors or bells are to entice the human into purchasing them. We dogs don’t see bright colors, it’s more about the feel & smell to us. Any bell or trinket can be very dangerous if swallowed.

Here’s a brief idea of what to avoid when looking for dog toys. First off, a cheap toy is probably not a quality toy. For example vinyl toys may be inexpensive but they contain very harmful chemicals that can cause serious health issues. Phalates & BPA are both used to make vinyl more elastic. They’re proven endocrine disruptors that mimic estrogen and can cause life long health problems.

There are tennis balls made specifically for dogs but they have been shown to contain high levels of lead. Rope toys made from synthetics can be dangerous as well if they shred & are ingested. Toys from China consistently show high levels of lead in them, especially if painted.

It seems the safe toys are the more natural ones. Organic Beef bones from a butcher or health food store make good chew toys but be sure to get one big enough that your good dog can’t choke on it. My best advice is to seek out organic dog toys made from safe, natural materials. There are plenty available these days.

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