Artist Cathy Settle



Today we are looking at the art work of Cathy Settle. Her animal portraits are wooftastic. The medium Cathy prefers for her artwork is colored pencils. She uses various types of paper & sometimes uses suede mat board.

Cathy started drawing as a way of coping with stress at her work. Walking with her dogs really helped her unwind. She would take photos which she’d later use for her art. After lots of positive feedback from friends & family, Cathy decided to take a leap of faith & left her job to focus on her art. Cathy says, “drawing brings me such pleasure especially when I start to see the image appearing as I get nearer & nearer to the finished creation. My hope is for people to love & cherish my pictures, especially if it’s of a beloved pet, to keep the precious memories of our faithful friends.”

But there’s more to the story. Cathy is the huMom of a canine Epi-warrior like me. His name is Buddy. He started life with several health issues. When he was 12 weeks old he nearly died from a twisted bowel & had to have lifesaving surgery, then before the year was over he needed surgery to repair two cruciate ligament ruptures in his knees. Then when he was aged two & a half, Buddy started to have seizures. It was so scary not knowing what was happening at first. However Buddy’s neurologist was very reassuring & explained everything. When she gave the diagnosis it was almost a relief to Cathy as she was worried he had a brain tumor. Cathy was reassured that there was a good chance that medication would work. Sure enough three & a half years later, Buddy has been seizure free (3 bum swings & 3 more). Buddy has a fur-bro named Jethro. Apparently Jethro is high energy while Buddy is the calm mellow one.






You an explore more of Cathy’s art online

Facebook: Cathy’s Creations by Cathy Settle 


Instagram: settlecathy

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