Bad Toys for Good Dogs Part 1 ~ Rawhide Chews



Hello everyone, Olivia here, happy new year. This week we will have a look at toys that we do not recommend for your good dog.

First off is rawhide chews. Let me start by saying I watched a video about how these chews are made & the word disgusting came to mind. It involves several stages with harsh, toxic chemicals. Most Rawhide chews come from China where there is little oversight or regulations. The hide might be from a cow or worse. In a particularly grisly twist, the skins of slaughtered dogs are mixed with other bits of skin to produce rawhide chew toys. These chew toys are exported to & sold in North America.

Rawhide chews are also dangerous. You might be slowly poisoning your good dog. Plus they are a choking hazard & if swallowed in big chunks, they can cause serious stomach issues including intestinal blockage which can be fatal.

To sum up, they are a bi-product of a very cruel industry, they are full of toxins & you can choke to death on one. No thank you.

You may watch this video too if you wish, although done with some humor, we found it rather disturbing.

CEO Olivia



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