Our Purple Day Tribute to Canine Epi-Warriors


Tomorrow, March 26th is Purple Day, a global movement to raise epilepsy awareness. Over the past year, we have collected many photos of Canine Epi-Warriors that we have met through social media. We have made a short video montage of these brave souls. Some are still fighting the epi-monster while sadly, others have fallen.

Please show your support by showing your ‘Purple’ tomorrow.  We invite you to share your pics with us.  You can email knottytoys4gooddogs@gmail.com or paw our Facebook page.  We will be putting together a page to honor all Canine Epi Warriors.  To all that live with epilepsy I send you my mantra, “Stay strong & seizure free!”.

CEO Olivia

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We are having our first giveaway in celebration of Purple Day. We will be awarding the winner with a Free Knotty Chaw-Chaw. Free shipping included!

The winner will be announced on March 27th. Just follow the link below. Good luck to all who enter.

Knotty Toys for Good Dogs’ Purple Day Giveaway


4 thoughts on “Our Purple Day Tribute to Canine Epi-Warriors

  1. A wonderful tribute. I, too, have tears each time I watch it. So many beautiful and strong Epi-warriors and angels. Thank you for including my sweet boy, Gibson. #LiveGibStrongForever

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  2. That was so beautiful..I have tears streaming down my face..to see all those beautiful souls still fighting or those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge..my husband who is my best friend also has seizures..I will keep all these babies in my thoughts and prayers


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