Meet Epi Warrior Abel

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This is Abel he will be 6 on April 15th. He was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy on February 8th 2016. It came on suddenly & unexpectedly but we are dealing with it & having the support we have found has been a blessing (I would tag them all but I don’t know how on my phone lol) but I’m happy to report we have been seizure free for 5 days

He may have epilepsy but we don’t let it stop us    – Jean Maddox Gay

Abel_ Jean Maddox Gray

My canine friends, are you an Epi-Warrior like myself? This month in our lead up to Purple Day ( March 26th) we want to share your picture & your tale.

Send us your picture & a short bio so we can share it with everyone. Lets put a face on canine epilepsy. You can send it to us on our Facebook page or you can email us at

We fight because we must, together we are stronger. Let’s collectively tell that Epi-monster to “bark off”!

CEO Olivia

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