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Last week I barked about what goes into each of my wooftastically pawpared meals in blog post ‘Food Is Love‘.   Hi CEO Olivia here & this week I want to bark about WellyChef which is what huMom uses as my food base, . We have been using & selling WellyChef for years.  Before that huMom would have to go out & purchase multiple veggies & ingredients, wash & prep it all to create my food base before adding the proteins & supplements.  That took too much time away from my love & play time.  Now, she can feel confident that John Leveris, the founder of WellyTails who holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Honors Degree with specialization in Animal Nutrition & Genetics from the University of Guelph (1982) has done all that work for her & all she needs to do is simply add water which means more time for me. Recently, WellyChef changed their ingredients slightly which isn’t a big deal for most good dogs but for us Epilepsy Warriors it is. Those changes include rosemary extract which is used as a natural preserve & can be a seizure trigger for those who live with canine epilepsy. The other change is the addition of the new ingredient quinoa which is naturally low in sodium & rich in fiber & protein, making it a filling, nutritious replacement for refined grains. It has considerably more calcium, iron, & protein than other grains.  Although a pawsome ingredient for most good dogs & considered a health food, quinoa is high in carbs & rates high on the glycemic index &  should be extremely limited on a low carb or keto diet which is what this Epilepsy Warrior follows.


New WellyChef Veggies & Fruit Quinoa & Chia Seeds


THE GOOD NEWS is, huMom has reached out to John at WellyChef & explained all this to him.  Being a wooftastic guy who cares about all dogs, he created ‘Olivia’s Special Blend’ of WellyChef & it is being shipped to us today!  We’ll have it available at our store knottytoysforgooddogs.com in the next coming weeks. If you want the regular WellyChef blend, that is still available also at knottytoysforgooddogs.com.  Check out this pawtastic receipe booklet WellyChef designed to help us create a homemade dog food that meets all AAFCO Adult Dog requirements.  It so simple to do with WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Done Right Base Mix. Simply choose your formula & add your pawfered protein to give your dog a healthy, delicious meal.



WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Done Right Base Mix’ makes foods that your dog will absolutely love, while providing essential nutrition to help them live a healthier, happier, and longer life! I know my huMom loves me & only wants the best for me. we know you love your dog that’s why we are pawsitively excited being able to help take the time, mess & worry out of feeding your good dog nutritionally.  WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Done Right Base Mix makes your life & your dog’s wellbeing pawsitively easier.

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Food Is Love



When it comes to my health & pawsonal care my huMom is always educating herself.  I am a dog gone lucky girl who is pawistively fortunate to have such a huMom even if she does say things  like, ‘food is love’, ‘don’t just survive, thrive’ & the one that had me pawsitively confused, ‘you are what you eat, (eyes wide open, ears back). That  last one took me some time to figure out what she meant by it.  Thank dog she meant, if you eat well you have a better chance at staying well & if you eat poorly, you are likely going to feel poorly.  The one expression I didn’t need help understanding is, ‘food is love’.  Yes it pawsitively is.

HuMom pours her love into each of my meals which consist of a pawsome protein, MCT oil (in the form of Golden Paste), WellyChef Veggies, Fruit & Chia Seed Food Base, Taurine, Vitamin E, Sunflower Lecithin, Probiotic Plus8, Nutrify Food Fortifier, Pet Vitality (Senior Formula),  & EZ Mobility ( supports joints & flexability while also providing an antiinflammatory component). I also alternate LiverTone, KidneyTone & LungTone every 3-4 months to help support my organs. Breakfast & Dinner is always welcomed & always gobbled up. It is because we trust & use these pawsome prawducts that we sell them & more at our online store.  Another one of huMom’s sayings is ‘sharing is caring’. Since we know you love your dogs & cats, remember to paw ‘follow us’ here on our blog & paw on over to KnottyToysForGoodDogs.com.

CEO Olivia 💜

PS 🐾 Looking for wagnificent healthy & furbulously fun toys or pawsibly a supplement for the well being of your pawtacular good dog or cat? Shop Naturally

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