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Last week we dug into ‘Natural Solutions for Dealing With Your Good Dog’s & Cat’s Anxieties.’  Hello, CEO Olivia here this week to bark about supplements for your 4 leggers & how we love to answer your questions regarding the  different benefits they can pawvide. 

Since I pawsonally have used Omega Alpha supplements for most of my pup life, we are confident in their saftey & their ability to support your good dog’s or cool cat’s health needs. Omega Alpha’s formulations are known for their abilities help support hip & joint functions or relieve pain, strengthen bones, improve cognition, reduce anxiety, pawmote urinary health, pawmote liver health among many other health issues.

Some 4 legger pawrents are skeptical about giving supplements to their furleggers.  Like you, anything we give our good dogs & cool cats, we are careful about our choices.  We need to feel confident in whether a pawduct is safe & effective.  Let’s face it, supplements are not cheap but we need to remember that when we support our 4 leggers though diet, supplementational nutrition, both physical & mental exercise, & loving nurturing we are less likely to end up at the Vet’s with both a health issue & an expensive Vet bill. 

I know my huMom has a million questions when ever she is faced with a new pawduct or health related issue. That’s because like you, she cares about what us 4 leggers eat, what makes us happy, & comfortable. I know that like huMom you are looking for natural ways to meet your furlegger’s daily needs. Knotty Toys For Good Dogs has what you & your 4leggers are looking for & we want you to know that your questions are impawtant to us.  You  can reach out to huMom & I anytime.  We pawsitively love to meet & share with you how Knotty Toys For Good Dogs can assist you, your good dog or cool cat in not just simply surviving but thriving.

Whether your good dog or cool cat is young or old, anxious or fearful, or suffering from an ongoing health issue, the right supplement(s) can assist them live a happier & healthier life.  Message us, email, WhatsApp call or old school phone us.  We want to share because sharing is caring & we know when it comes to our good dogs & cool cats we love & care about their needs just like you. Don’t be shy just reach out &  we will do our dog gone best to help you help your 4 leggers to live life pawsitively happy & wooftastically healthy.  

CEO Olivia 💜 PS 🐾 Looking for wagnifient healthy & furbulously fun toys or pawsibly a supplement for the well being of your pawtacular good dog or cat? Shop Naturally

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My Supplements: Nutrify


Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I’m continuing to bark out about my supplements. For a while now, my huMom has been adding Nutrify to both me & Suzie Q’s meals.

Nutrify is a fortifier that ensures our meals are nutritionally balanced. My huMom just sprinkles on the right amount & mixes it into our food. It contains a complete spectrum of good stuff including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fats & enzymes.

Adding Nutrify to meals nourishes our skin & fur, so our coats are always shiny & beautiful. But it also supports & maintains our bones, joints, ligaments & tendons to keep us in top form.

CEO Olivia

Note : We have been using Omega Alpha products for several years now & sell their products in our store but we are not being paid to endorse them.  We simply believe in their effectiveness.  My blood work & lab reports support this.

My Liver Supplement


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. I want to continue my discussion on the supplements I take to help me cope with my AED’s (anti epilepsy drugs) & to keep me in top health. In today’s environment, all good dogs & cool cats can use a little help, not just us epi-warriors.

Today I’m barking about my Liver supplement. My medications can be harsh on my organs, especially my liver. Three times a year, my huMom gives me Liver Tone which is made by Omega Alpha. For healthy dogs & cats, Omega Alpha recommends a twice a year cleanse as sufficient but we do it three times due to my medications.

Urban dogs & cats are exposed to toxins every day. Car fumes, second hand smoke, food contaminants, pesticides & flea, tick & heartworm preparations & common drugs such as anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) just to name a few. They breath in toxins, they absorb them through the skin & ingest them. Eventually the liver has to deal with all these toxins, so a regular cleansing boost is key to a healthy good dog or cool cat.

Our liver is the primary organ for detoxification. In my case, it get’s stressed out by my medications. For example, one of my medications, Potassium Bromide can be described as a salty brine & I take a dose twice a day. Liver Tone is a natural herbal liquid based on both Chinese & western medicine. It provides antioxidants to the liver while it gently cleanses & provides a boost to it’s functions. It helps prevent fatty liver disease & boosts bile excretion.

Every good dog & cool cat will benefit from taking Liver Tone.

CEO Olivia

Note : We have been using Omega Alpha products for several years now & sell their products in our store but we are not being paid to endorse them.  We simply believe in their effectiveness.  My blood work & lab reports support this.