Keeping a Seizure Activity Journal


At the suggestion of my vet, my huMom began keeping a journal of my epilepsy events. Keeping records helps identify patterns & warning signs. When I have a Grand Mal seizure, when I display warning signs or having focal seizures, my huMom will write it in the journal & also make note of things such as the weather, the moon phase & what activities we were doing such as going in the car or having guests.

My huMom tries to record as much detail as possible. The information can be of great use for my vet & my neurologist. It also takes out a lot of guess work. She can refer to the journal to see how many days apart my seizures occur, how I respond to my meds & overall see the big picture. It’s through keeping my journal that my huMom discovered I almost always have a seizure within the six days around the full moon ( i.e. 3 days before until 3 days after). The journal also showed how I would often seizure around the time of an extreme shift in the weather.

My huMom keeps both a hand written & electronic copy of my journal. She made this PDF that you can download to use for your own good dog.

Seizure Activity Journal PDF

CEO Olivia