Adventures of Rosie the Doodle’s MEGA PURPLE PUMPKIN CONTEST!

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Olivia prepares for Halloween


Howlloween & your custome is pawsibly all you can think of since it is so close; it’s next Monday.  It is pawsitively exciting or terrifying dogpending on your level of self confidence or past experience.  Howlever, we didn’t want you to miss out on this pawtastic event being held by Adventures of Rosie The Doodle on Instagram. Hi CEO Olivia to yapp about just that.

Did you nose that over 3.4 million people & 1 in every 20 dogs experience seizures? A seizure is a neurological event causing abnormal firing of neurons in the brain. Currently there are over 70 known causes for seizures, 40 different types, as well as NO KNOWN CURE. Despite being very common, canine epilepsy is one of the most understudied conditions in dogs. (*taken from Rosie’s IG post)

To pawmote canine epilepsy awareness, Knotty Toys For Good Dogs join the host Adventures of Rosie the Doodle  in this wooftastic event MEGA PURPLE PUMPKIN CONTEST! 🎃 Tagged below is a list of all participating donators to this event. You must follow ALL of the accounts listed & share a photo of your pet with a purple pumpkin to @adventuresofrosie_thedoodle for a chance to win one of two grand prizes.

⚡️Your pet DOES NOT have to have epilepsy or seizures to participate⚡️ @adventuresofrosie_thedoodle







@trixiethemaltzu @luxealoha

Help make a difference to spread awareness for thousands of dogs who cannot advocate for themselves by pawticipating or sharing this post 💜




Please see the image above for more details regarding the voting process.  The 2nd image shows all the wagnificent prizes you can win. We donated a 1Kg bag of my Olivia’s Special Blend of WellyChef Homemade Dog Food Base Mix; especially formulated for us Canine Epilepsy Warriors.  Want to read more about it, paw the link above or paw here.

You can also help the cause by making a donation to “The Wally Foundation-canine epilepsy” who is dedicated to helping dogs with epilepsy. The link is located in the bio of Rosie’s account or paw the link above which will take you to The Wally Foundation-canine epilepsy’s PayPal.

If you have been following us you nose that I am 12 years young & have lived with idiopathic epilepsy since I was 9 months  old.  If you are new & would like to nose my story you can read it here. The Wally Foundation-canine Epilepsy Awareness is our charity of choice.  We donate proceeds from all our hemp dog & cat toys at Knotty Toys For Good Dogs to TWF.  HuMom volunteers as the Communication Director & has for many years; she also sits on the Board.  Canine Epilepsy awareness & TWF is pawsitively impawtant to us.

If you want  to nose more about ‘What The Woof Is That Purple Pumpkin?’ paw this link to read  our blog post that will tell you all about it.      

Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜

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Disclaimer: This contest is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Instagram


PS 🐾Looking for wagnifient healthy & furbulously fun toys or pawsibly a supplement for the well being of your pawtacular good dog or cat? Shop Naturally


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8 thoughts on “Adventures of Rosie the Doodle’s MEGA PURPLE PUMPKIN CONTEST!

  1. Mee-yow Olivia you look adoorabell dressed up!
    An wee purray fore meddycin that BellaSita cudd take without throwin it up….
    Shee has Psychogenic Seeizuress an while NOT Petite or rand Mal Seezuress; they are still reel an still scarey fore both of us.
    Shee had 2 Monday nite….**sigghss**
    Thanx fore all tHE innfo an linkss; yore so sweet!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess))) BellaSita Mum

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my furbulous feline furiend.

      Medications are often hard on the body; we feel for your BellaSita Mom💜

      Psychogenic seizures are just as scary, serious & pawsitively a dog gone health concern.
      With that yipped, does BellaSita Mom experience more when she is stressed?

      If so, what does BellaSita Mom do, other than take her medication to lower her stress or panic attacks?

      HuMom uses mindful self compassion meditation to help her with stress related issues.
      She also has joined an online community that she says is pawsome & helps her grrreatly.

      Sending you both love, strength & pawsitive energy 💜nose nudges💜


      1. Wee hopess you had a uud week Olivia.
        Yore furry clevurr…BellaSita’s sSeezures are all rapped up inn level of stress shee iss feelin; whether it iss fizzical or emoshunal. An sumtimess it iss both typess of stress.
        Sadly shee can not take either of tHE 2 Meddycinss as shee throwss them up. So shee just suffurrs thru them an trieiss to NOT get stressed. Allso THE dur fumess can bring on a Seezure. Sadly wee can not afford to move out so wee are stuck!
        BellaSita iss rubbish at Meddytation…shee has tried a kabillion timess!

        Shee findss lyin inn bed inn THE quiet helpss her alot. Tahnx fore yore concern an ideass….
        You are simplee amazin Olivia ❤
        ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You know what Olivia an Dot an Jerry Underfoot? BellaSita has had her name on a waitin list fore senior Housin fore 5 yeerss an they only 3 blockss away from us. An they THE only Senior buildin on West sdie of town. BellaSita wantss to stay on this side….Housin want her to move to another crummy place on East Side or East Hill an shee meowed “NO!!” inn no unsirtain termss.
        THE drug fumess are pawfull…mee findss sleep iss only way to escape. BellaSita even wunderss of shee shudd ive me up to find mee a home without drug smellss…..then shee criess an then has Seezure….
        Iss not alot of fun! Napss an lyin down are only solution wee can think of Olivia 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That is pawsitively horrible. BellaSita’s suffering is real. It is difficult to accept how life is sometimes but nothing stays the same. Life will change. Stay in the moment, in the love & pawsitive intentions. Sending love, strength & 💜nose nudges💜

        Liked by 1 person

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