It’s International Purple Day ~ Announcing Our Winners

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Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. I hope you have your finest purple on today because it’s International Purple Day. A day to bring global awareness to epilepsy.  That also means it’s time to announce the winners of my silent auction for the Wally Foundation – Canine Epilepsy.

So, with out further ado, here are our winners.

The Knotty Rove Tosser was won by Jana Pobulic

The Knotty Nips were won by Tiny Tony aka Chicken who has generously gifted them to Toby the Puppy Bomb. AarROOoo!

The Big Gnaw was won by Carol Knight & Jeff Chasen. They both bid the same amount & after all, the money is going to a wagnificent organization, TWF. Jeff is donating his prize to the Tanksley Herd in memory of Riley. That’s pawsitively generous of him.

Thank you everyone who participated. I think I’ll hold another auction one day.  What do you think about that?

Remember, The Wally Foundation – canine epilepsy is always in need of donations & canine epilepsy awareness is pawtacular everyday ❤

Please take a moment & pawse to remember all our furiends & fellow Epi Warriors who are struggling today, those we have lost & their loving caregivers who tirelessly protect us ❤

CEO Olivia ❤

Visit Purple Day for Epilepsy 2019 #Pets4PurpleDay


Big Changes Coming to Facebook News Feed

News, News Flash

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here with some important information I need to bark out about. This is a very Important notice…

In just a few weeks Facebook will be making major changes to the news feed. There will soon be two news feeds, the default will be dedicated to posts by your friends & family (i.e. personal profiles) & paid advertising. The second, new news feed, which you will have to click over to, will have business pages, pages like mine & community/ interest groups. For example a charity, an animal rescue organization, a business like Knotty Toys for Good Dogs or a page that shares interests such as cars or comic books will appear in the new news feed.

At present, if you run a page, unless your buying ads or “boosting” posts, Facebook limits your viewership to about 2% of your page followers. Soon, not boosting posts will drive down further where in those 2% of followers news feeds your posts will show up, if at all.

Business pages are also going to be penalized for sharing external links such as YouTube videos. If this makes little sense, remember that YouTube is considered competition. Facebook wants you to upload your promotional videos to their servers not the competitions. Sharing a blog post from, for example, WordPress will be frowned upon by the mighty Facebook algorithms as well. In simple terms, Facebook wants you to stay on Facebook & never click away.

If you have a favorite page/group, you need to go to it, click the Follow button at the top & choose the option, “always see first”, to prioritize posts from that page. Repeat on the pages you follow or the Facebook algorithms will determine those pages no longer interest you & remove them from your news feed. It’s also vital to engage your favorite pages regularly. Just a visit won’t be enough. Be sure to leave a comment & watch a video because just clicking a few “likes” won’t be considered engaging enough to convince the Facebook algorithms that, ” Hey, I like this page”.

If you run a page, inform your followers of these changes or they might not be seeing your posts soon. I don’t want to loose any of my wooftastic furriends so if you are one, zoom over to my page, Oh, the Life of Olivia & Knotty Toys for Good Dogs.

For desktop users:  Look at the top of the page below the banner, hover your mouse over the “Follow” drop down & select “see first”.

For mobile users: At the top of the page, click “Follow” & select “see first”.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m so mad I’m going out in the yard to bark at those squirrels.

CEO Olivia

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Critter Comforts Grand Opening

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Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I’m barking out an announcement. Our good friend Dista is opening her new store Critter Comforts this Saturday September 30th, in Napanee, Ontario. There will be giveaways & a fundraiser for Sheba’s Haven, a rescue for palliative/special needs dogs. Best of all, pets are welcome.

Dista has been involved with “critters” for a long time. She’s a licensed Veterinary Technician. She graduated from St. Clair College & passed her board exams 22 years ago. She has also been a professional groomer for 24 years.

Dista’s previous business, Critter Comforts & Clips was located in Bancroft Ontario. It was the first store to sell my Knotty Toys for Good Dogs raw hemp rope toys. When Dista got the opportunity to move back to her home town of Napanee she rebooted her business, renaming it simply, Critter Comforts.

If you live in the area, come help celebrate this Saturday. You can meet my furriends Dottie & her sister Etta James.

Critter Comforts is located at 113 Richmond Blvd., unit 1D Napanee, Ontario.

Congratulations Dista. 3 bums swings! 3 more!

CEO Olivia