What The Dog Gone Is Leaky Gut?

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Did you nose that pawsistent inflammation caused by leaky gut is responsible for most chronic diseases?  Inflammatory bowel diseases, allergies, dementia, autoimmune disease, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, liver disease, cancer can all be caused by leaky gut.

Leaky gut syndrome’s most common sign can looks pawsitively a lot like allergies.  Other typical symptoms are gastrointestinal signs, such as weight loss, vomiting, flatulence, & soft stools. Yikes!

So what is leaky gut syndrome? Leaky gut or dysbiosis is when the balance of good bacteria in the GI tract is outnumbered by the bad bacteria leading to inflammation in the intestinal lining or mucosa. This inflammation allows bacteria & toxins to leak through into the bloodstream. Our immune system reacts because it sees them as foreign. Long term this leads to chronic inflammation & other symptoms & diseases. Dot & Jerry Underfoot meowed that cat’s can also suffer from leaky gut syndrome.

Food, oh my dog.. is seen as an invader by the body & we dogvelop food allergies! Leaky gut is not always dognosed pawperly because symptoms can be attributed to many other diseases & veterinarians  treat the symptoms versus treating the root cause of the issue, allowing the inflammation to continue to run amok through our body.



If your dog is showing signs of dog gone ear infection flare-ups, barking mad skin infections, embarrassing (or not)  nasty gassiness, then it is time to ask yourself whether your dog has a leaky gut. There are a wagnificent lot of symptoms, & many of these diseases can be pawvented or lessened by improving our microbiome.

10 symptoms of leaky gut:

  1. Allergies (itchy skin, ear infections, chewing at the feet, hot spots)
  2. Digestive issues (diarrhea, gassiness, vomiting, bloating)
  3. Behavior issues (anxiety, aggression, separation anxiety)
  4. Nutritional dogficiencies
  5. Seizure disorders
  6. Cancer
  7. Autoimmune disorders
  8. Weight fluctuations
  9. Bad breath
  10. Joint pain

A few of the most common causes for leaky gut include a highly pawcessed diet, medications, stress, toxins, & vaccines. Diet is an impawtant pawrt to healing our GI tract. We nose us dogs do not respond well to genetically modified foods, like wheat, corn & soy, which fills many of the pet foods sold. We nose a highly pawcessed kibble contains artificial ingredients, antibiotic-ridden, poor quality meat ingredients, & many contain poorly absorbed, cheaper protein fillers. 

When we eat plants that have been sprayed, we kill our beneficial bacteria in our GI tract which then leads to leaky gut. This then leads to chronic inflammation & to the many of the diseases we yapped about above.

We also nose that the overuse of medications, especially antibiotics, steroids & anti-inflammatories, can reduce the beneficial bacteria in our gut. We need to start asking whether antibiotics are necessary for what may be a minor condition or if there are other options to help heal whatever is out of balance. Pawsonally, when it comes to managing inflammation my go to is Omega Alpha‘s EZ Mobility, SinewPet & GlucosaPet. They are pawsitively safe, natural & wooftastically effective.

Thank dog there are ways to restore our gut health. 
Feeding us a nutrient-dense diet is impawtant.  I start with WellyChef’s Food Base, add my choice of protein, oil, Nutrify food fortifier & any pawsonal supplements.  Yum, it is doglicious & nutritious. Let’s not forget to build our good bacteria by adding probiotics.  Omega Alpha‘s ProbioticPlus 8 is my go to. We have pawsonally seen & smelled (sorry but it’s true) the difference.  This last one I pawsitively love, maintain daily exercise.  Play!  It helps to reduce stress for both you & us dogs.
Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜    
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    1. Pawsitively! HuMom is always interested in information on what is known as the 2nd brain, the gut. Like others, she thinks the gut may be impawtant to the health of the brain in our head.
      Pawsibly, it would likely not be a diagnose a vet would look for then.
      💜nose nudges💜

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