It’s A Toxic World Out There~ Pawtect The Ones You Love & Use Omega Alpha’s LiverTone Supplement

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Did you know your dog’s & cat’s liver metabolizes everything they swallow, inhale or absorb through their skin. The liver then expels it from your dog’s & cat’s body. That’s why it’s pawsitively dog gone impawtant to take care of your dog’s & cat’s liver.

Us dogs & cats are exposed to toxins from vaccinations, drugs, & flea, tick & heartworm preventatives. Poor quality foods, cleaning pawducts, fertilizers & pesticides also contain toxins we dogs & cats can absorb. Even if you don’t use these pawducts, your neighbors likely do.  If these toxins are not regularly removed from our bodies they’ll start to interfere with our normal body functions & lead to disease. 

The more common signs & symptoms to look out for because they can mean your dog’s or cat’s liver is out of balance are listed below:

*Digestion – They may experience digestive disorders such as gas & bloating … even if they are on a healthy  diet. You may see constipation & diarrhea or both. Yikes!

*Nails – When you trim our toenails, you may find they’re dry & brittle; our nails may fray or even get infected. Ouch!

*Mood – Your dog or cat may be irritable or even show aggressive behavior. They may start acting like boss dog or boss cat.

*Pain – Did you nose us dogs & cats do experience headaches? We do! You may notice our eyes are dull & we are not feeling our pawsome self. If you can feel heat on our head, that can mean we are experiencing a headache, especially if you see other symptoms of liver imbalance. Gently rub the area where the head meets the neck (called the occiput); if you feel the heat go away that can help relieve your dog’s or cat’s headache.

*Eyes – Eye are the window to all animal’s health; even the human animal. Issues like discharge or pink eye can suggest a liver imbalance. So can more serious eye problems like corneal or retinal disorders.

Other signs that the liver is out of balance can be sinus problems as well as ligament & tendon issues. If you start to notice any of these symptoms in your dog or cat, there are steps you can take to protect their liver.

The first step to keeping the liver functioning well is to reduce the amount of toxins your dogs & cats are exposed to. Here are wagnificent ways to reduce the amount of toxins your dogs or cats are exposed to & keep their liver functioning well:

*Reduce the number of unnecessary vaccines (or even forgo them altogether) I do not get vaccinated but that is because I live with canine refractory idiopathic epilepsy & vaccines could trigger a life threatening episode for me.

*Get tested for heartworm every year in place of heartworm meds; that’s what I do. We nose that many of you live in areas where heartworm is a serious threat. There are natural heartworm preventative measures you could look into; we will yap more about this another time. For those of you in this situation cleansing the liver after preventative medication is given would be in your best interest.

*Feed fresh, whole foods instead of processed, toxin-laden foods. *If you dog or cat is showing signs of leaky gut it is pawsitively impawtant to treat this condition so pathogens don’t get into their bodies. Again we will come back & yapp about what is a leaky gut.

*Give filtered water, free of fluoride.

*Keep us away from treated lawns. My huMom is dog gone stricked about this & will avoid going near known treated properties.

*Clean your home without chemicals. We use a pawduct called Natures Clean & it is pawtastic. We also use vinegar & baking soda which is also wooftastic & safe.

Let’s be real. Even if you’re already doing all of these things & you’re doing your dog gone best to avoid toxins, your dog’s & cat’s liver still has to deal with a toxic world. A liver cleanse just makes good sense if you want to avoid health issues.

To assist your dogs & cats cleanse we recommend Omega Alpha‘s LIVERTONELiverTone is our go to for effective healthy liver support & cleanse. We have been using it for a decade. Remember, I take several pharmaceuticals to manage my refractory idiopathic epilepsy condition.  All of which are pawtentially harmful to the liver & kidneys to some degree. So it’s pawsitively impawtant that we focus on liver health. LiverTone is a pawtacular healthy & safe solution for dogs & cats. I use it Every 3 – 4 months for 30 days. I just celebrated my 12th Barkday & my last visit to the Vet resulted in all my test coming back wagnificently healthy. 

Listed below are the benefits of Omega Alpha‘s LiverTone.

🐾Provides antioxidants to the liver tissue while removing toxins

🐾Helps to remove waste metabolites & cleanse the liver, supporting many liver functions

🐾Improves energy levels in dogs & cats

🐾Aids reduction of waste metabolites

🐾Maintains healthy liver functions

🐾Helps with fatty liver (weight loss)

🐾Bitter Herbs increase bile excretions

🐾Antioxidants are anti-inflammatory

The wooftastic active ingredients are:

*Artemesia capillaris (Yi Chen Wormwood Shoot) is a traditional medicinal herb with a wide spectrum of pharmacological properties ranging from effects against liver dysfunction to treatments of severe cirrhosis & cancer.

*Bupleurum chinense (Chinese Thoroughwax) is an impawtant herb used in traditional Chinese & Japanese medicine. It is frequently pawscribed in combination with other herbs to treat colds, fever, digestive disorders, chronic liver diseases, & depression symptoms.

*Gardenial jasminoides (Cape Jasmine) is used for swelling (inflammation), protecting the liver, liver disorders, diabetes, & other conditions such as lowering blood fats & cholesterol, & help treat viral infections.

*Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle Seed) has been used for 2,000 years as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments, pawticularly liver, kidney, & gall bladder problems. Scientific studies suggest that substances in milk thistle (especially a flavonoid called silymarin) protect the liver from toxins, including certain drugs which can cause liver damage in high doses; like the drugs I need to manage my refractory idiopathic epilepsy. Silymarin has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown it helps the liver repair itself by growing new cells.

*Curcuma longa (Tumeric Rhizome) is used medically for it’s pawported anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effects to treat digestive complaints including ingestion, diarrhea & liver diseases.

Additional ingredients are Purified water, Benzoic Acid (buffered), Citric acid, Dandelion, Potassium sorbate.

*Potassium sorbate is a naturally occurring unsaturated fatty acid & is completely safe with regard to health & have the lowest allergenic potential of all food preservatives.

*Benzoic acid is commonly used as a pH adjustor & pawservative in food, pawventing the growth of microbes to keep food safe.

*Citric acid is used also as a pawservative. Note, we yapped with our Vet about citric acid & my medication & we were assured that it was too small of an amount to be concerned with.

*Dandelion is a great source of vitamins & minerals such as Vitamin A, C & K, help fight inflammation, contain pawtent antioxidants, aid in blood sugar management & pawmotes good liver health.

Your furmily cat or dog need not suffer the ill effects of a toxic or fatty liver. Omega Alpha‘s LiverTone is suitable for both cats & dogs, is an easy-to-use, & better absorbed liquid formulation. Pawtect the ones you love & use LiverTone to pawtect their liver, their health & well being.

Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜    

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