Artist BL67 Furbulous Famous Felines

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If you don’t already know, Jerry Underfoot has a purrfect sense of humor which can be seen in today’s choice of artwork.  Hi CEO Olivia here to yap, again, dogspite all the digging & clawing.  we could dig up a very tiny yip about Jerry Underfoot’s artist choice BL67.

We know that artist BL67 lives & works in Paris & his inspiration comes from pop-art, comic strips, science fiction, religion & nature. AS well, like Jerry Underfoot this artist too has a unique sense of humor which can be seen in his series called “Prices”, where he glued price tags on canvases.  He would set their price; for example , the canvas called “259 euros” composed of 259 tags for 1 euro, cost 259 euro. He laughs that if the work becomes more valuable someday, the gain will be easy to calculate.

Let’s get sniffing at what Jerry Underfoot dug up for us.














Want to sniff out more of Bill Mayer’s  pawtacular work on his blog or Facebook?   


CEO Olivia in a Purple ScarfHave a wagnificent weekend!

Remember to be gnawsome, be kind & stay safe.

CEO Olivia, with Dot & Jerry Underfoot 🐾💜🐾


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3 thoughts on “Artist BL67 Furbulous Famous Felines

  1. Mee-yow at ferst mee did not understand Bee-Ell 67’ss artwerk! Mee was furry confused!
    BellaSita Mum xplained that each cat’ss face was THE face of their owner…then mee ‘got’ it!!!
    What a kewl artrst Bee Ell 67 iss!!
    Jerry Underfoot an Dot yore ‘wagnificent’ as Olivia barkss! 😉
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    Liked by 1 person

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